S-Class Fighter Updates [Aug 14]

Greetings Survivors,

As we look toward the future of Road to Survival and what the fighter landscape looks like, we have thought a lot about the new S-Class archetype and how that fighter class fits into the complex meta system that currently exists in the game. While S-Class fighters are clearly intended to be some of the strongest characters available, we believe that there are still additional improvements we can make to how the S-Class fighter works and also improve the methods in which players obtain them.

With that said, we are making some important changes to how 6-Star S-Class fighters function and are obtained. When developing these changes, we had three clear goals in mind:

  1. Allow all players a direct path to obtaining the newer 6-Star S-Class fighters (and their 5-Star Ascendable versions) through gameplay rewards and other incentives

  2. Improve the lasting value and depth of S-Class fighters

  3. Making S-class collectables and characters a central and long-lasting gameplay incentive.

    1. S-Class fighters are going to be powerful leaders and specialized characters. They will retain their relevance in the combat experience and are a great reward for those who would invest time and skill in their acquisition.

So, what are the changes? How are things going to work moving forward? Read on for details.

How do I Obtain S-Class Fighters?

The new S-Class distribution system will allow all players to obtain the necessary collectible items to acquire all 6-Star S-Class fighters and their associated 5-Star Ascendable version solely from gameplay methods if they choose to do so. We understand how important it is for players at all levels to be competitive and we’ve heard players feedback on this point. We believe that this new distribution model is one area that will help give all players powerful fighters in the future.

6-Star S-Class fighters and their 5-Star Ascendable versions are now obtained exclusively through museum collections. To acquire each version of the fighter you will need:

  • 5-Star Ascendable version
    • x4,000 character specific collectible items
  • 6-Star S-Class version
    • x2 maxed out 6-Star versions of the character
    • x2,000 character specific collectible items

As noted above, every S-Class fighter will have unique collectible items that are required to obtain the 5-Star Ascendable and 6-Star S-Class versions. Collectables for all S-Class fighters will be available throughout the game in the following areas:

  • Rewards for engaging in Roadmaps and Tournaments
  • War Crates
  • Museum Collections
  • Recruits & Rewards
  • Offers in the Shop
  • Mystery Bags
  • Survivors Club Exclusives

A couple of important notes on the collectible items reference above:

  1. All collectible items, upon release, will be persistently available and will not expire
  2. At the initial release of every new S-Class fighter there may be a window of exclusivity where collectibles for that new fighter are only in Premier Recruits. Once the exclusive window ends, the collectibles will become available through all other channels listed above.

What changes are coming to 6-Star S-Class fighters?

In order to achieve the goal of giving S-Class fighters more lasting value and depth, we’re making the following changes to the S-Class archetype moving forward:

  1. 6-Star S-Class fighters are getting an additional boost to base stats

  2. 6-Star S-Class fighters will now have a level cap of 150 (instead of the standard level 90 cap of standard 6-Star fighters)

  3. There will still be 4 evolution tiers for 6-Star S-Class fighters with the following progression:

    1. Tier 1: Level 1 - 90
    2. Tier 2: Level 1 - 110
    3. Tier 3: Level 1 - 130
    4. Tier 4: Level 1 - 150
  4. Given the changes to the leveling system, S-Class fighters will require additional gear and resources to level up and evolve

Notes on Pete Anderson:

  1. The stat boost will apply retroactively to S-Class Pete Anderson

  2. There may be a slight delay (up to 24 hours) in S-Class Pete Anderson’s base stats changing once these updates go live (on Aug 15). Once the update has been fully delivered to all realms players should see the stat changes.

  3. The new S-Class level cap and tier evolution system will retroactively apply to S-Class Pete Anderson. For those players with S-Class Pete Anderson, your level/tier progress will carry over into the new system. So, for example, if you have a maxed out S-Class Pete Anderson (Tier 4 / Level 90) you will now have a Tier 4 Level 90 S-Class Pete Anderson. You’ll only have the additional 60 levels to go before maxing him out at level 150.


I just hope it doesnt get outdated like Tara, which i still dont even have her as a 6* lol


I read they can be earned by all players and am all like sweet. This is a great improvement.

Then I read further, buffing stats of s class. I’m like ok. Well wonder what that means.

Then I see the stats and am like

This is way way worse

Base Stats (Max 150 | S-Class)

Attack : 4464
Health : 3227
Defense : 3065

With her lead skill she would be at 6696 atk. Mods , Weapon at over 10k atk.

This is a reset. Plain and simple.

Put maximum pressure on the whales that have yet to leave.


Hmm I’ll be curious to see how this shakes out

Curious to see how it turns out, but seriously, who the f*uk asked for them to be even more op than they already are? That stat boost better be by like 100 additional stats


Goes to t4 lvl 150 now… so the insane stats they have get even more out of hand… thanks for making it so easy to stay away… could have bought a car with the money I flushed on this game


Lmao. Wtf? Who asked them to be more powerful?


Lol dont sit here and try to make it seem like everyone will have a chance to get these, 2 maxed out 6* versions lololol this is more money milking, another stat boost? Call these what they are, 7* this is the reset like we had with 5* to 6*

Wake tf up rts community!


I like there’s been a rethink but not certain I like what’s been thought. All I see are even more boosted stats. Why the stats rush? Focus on distributing Gen2 universally or you’ll cancel out your #PU changes to be useless


If players can grind to get an s class toon in a reasonable time that seems to me to be what we asked for. I guess reasonable time is undefined at this point, as is how long it will take in the game, but assuming it’s reasonable, it’s a good step forward.

But any good is completely offset by resetting this game to this absurd new level.


If there’s one thing I hate it’s when I’m being patronized. All you need for priya is 10,000 blue keys. That’s only 500 war chests that actually contain the 20 keys. Right.

Not to mention there are already two S class toons out and undoubtedly there will be more.

It feels like you completely skipped 7 stars and went straight to 8 stars. Plus the veteran rings that makes it close to 9 stars


That’s a great question to ask…

@ForumAdmin can S Class toons becomes veterans?

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This is your answer to closing the gap.
This sounds so familar🤔 remember when 6s.were released and no one asked for a buff and over night they got buff in extreme? Remember when 6s were supposed to be a big part of closing the gap…and we are here now…let’s not pretend that f2p players will be able to.obtian these while they are useable
Ffs there are people who still cant upgrade a tara from fac assault


Haha. They saw how shitty Pete was performing I guess.


They shouldn’t be allowed to be veteran, they already have 1000 more stats than gen 2 and are getting another buff, promoting them would just straight up break the game


I have a feeling they will though. Otherwise, gen 2 will catch up and what’s the point of buying them then.

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So basically s class wasnt selling as expected because of thier enormous price tag. Stat boost to make them even more necessary then before. I dont think anyone fighting a Pete lead team anyway said “gee I wish pete had higher stats” smh. I was so hopeful when you announced the newest update to level the fields but then you pull this crap


Just shutdown the damn servers already! Stop ruining TWD name and stop ruining gaming!