S class F2P toons

When will this new F2P s class Marlon and Frost will come??


I sincerely doubt theyll be the next gold bar toons. I barley trust scopely much less some random on Line


I came on today hoping to have there museum collection in and I was disappointed for it not to be there so in other words where’s my free stuff

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Also thought the f2p toons would be available this am, sorely disappointed.

After war guys. Calling it

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Lol this a troll blog or not? I can’t tell

I am with you bun people would complain if they release the toons at war because it would be another op toon

There’s no evidence that they’ll be the toons so don’t get too excited. It was noted that the guy who told people that was a troll who has been banned from the forums


Was not bad from forums but banned from line chat I believe

No, the guy who said they were going to be the next toons had been banned from the forums months ago (might even be a year now).

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Don’t get too excited guys our next free S Class will be an S Class take on the 6* Gator…don’t expect much for Christmas :slight_smile:

Here is an example of what I was saying a few days ago people actually believed the rumors of Frost and Marlon being f2p


Maybe not first bu they never release the 4* ascendable version or the six star version of marlon and Rosie

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