S Class Event Progress

Without SC how many gold bars should I have right now?
I’ve got christa at tier 2 and 4 knives. Also have 14 gold bars. Am I on track or did I miss some?

To t3 her without SC you’ll need 280 gold bars total to get 7 knifes. I have 170 bars no extra knives yet as I haven’t pulled for them yet

How can you have 14 bars? They come in 5s

SC gives you 4

Ditto. I used one gold radio from the leftovers and got 4 more gold bars back during the first day of this event.

Wished I would have had a few gold radios leftover from the early days lol

Scopely can you increase the time left for S Class gold bars for our region Davidson? Im speaking for all players who are not part of Survivor Club, 88 days needed to get all 22 Knives. When our region started, there were only 70+ days left in the event. Only the pay players will have a chance to complete all Knives.


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