S class event late suggestion

The event should’ve had more S toon options instead of just Christa and James. All teams now have either of the two characters, and it will probably be this way for a long ass time

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agreed 1 of each color woulda been nice. just for the sake of team variety.


Even either green/blue or yellow/red as the choices so there wasn’t a trait advantage to start off with would have been helpful. Like Knox/Maggie, for example.


this gif is hard to figure out without context

Agreed, I also think there should’ve been ranged and melee attack lead shite class toons available.
But that would’ve made too much sense, it definitely would have helped #CloseTheGap and balance the game out a tad bit for the f2p. But we know that’s not what they want.

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It’s verruca salt from the original willy wonka film. A spoilt rich girl who throws tantrums to get her own way.

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