S Class Eugene, Surprise Promo Swap!

Earlier I shared my first look review of Willie who was going to be the next S Class character release but he has been swapped out for Eugene at the last moment!

Eugene is also a Strong traited support character so they can be easily compared and it looks like Eugene offers some earlier short term control as well as a bit more of a tank potential but nothing in the way of the kill potential Willie had. So this brings up the obvious question…

Which character do you think is better?

  • Eugene
  • Willie

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Good emergency response time on the switch there, Lockdown :wink: lol


wanted to sleep :joy:


Eugene is trash, only good thing would have been his active, but turn 3 is too slow. Willie is definitely better

Worthless toons, if your not a. big spender just save your coins for the next big game changer, e.g. Mercer. It’s bound to be on its way soon enough.

Eugene is buns!!

Recover stun, impair, confuse, taunt, normalize, daze, and elusive to all seems pretty good but turn 3 seems kinda slow and rest of him is pretty average. Could be hard to take down if you have AP gain and have him popping his rush every other turn


They are popping out these S Classes way to quick, they will back themselves into a corner again very shortly, the same way they did with the Doc/Zac teams, and have to bring out the 7 stars, I am certain when that day comes, I will still be working on S Class Princess!


Once the WOC qualifiers start, they will start pumping in the insane ones. Like Mercer, Princess, Frost before the last one!

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I’m not sure Eugene will sell :joy:

Until you see him rush t1 with a command, so his Active Skill in both cases will trigger in t3
Even without a command he will rush t2 , and use active t3 .
So even if they gave him t2 as , he will use it in t3 for sure unless he get an ap down or impaired

What leader is he behind in this team you are mentioning?

And which leader?

Yeah quite a few of these s-class toons they are releasing are just average and gap fillers before they release the main op ones