S-Class Eugene Discussion Thread

Hey all,

Please let us know your thoughts on the new S-Class Character: Eugene here!


good toon “sarcasm”… for whales, humm ok every week have new S,and we still need 2 six star toon to get S ,waste of resourses,and cards to get.


Terrible toon


4/10 Kenny Does not aprove


Needs a T1 active skill, otherwise nobody’s buying


I actually like him, and would be happy to see him on my teams, but I dont see how I am ever going to get him, the new S Classes are dropping to quick, and the progression is to slow, I am too deep working on the S Classes I have, and partially have to go chasing another one.


Yawn, next

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Can you slow down the rate of release of new toons or make them achievable with like 10 shards?

I don’t know what bright spark at scopely we need a new toon every week but we don’t.




What about Rick or Negan as an S class? Why Eugene. He was a coward albeit smart guy in the comic but not impressive enough to warrant an S class.


To many being released when it’s a slow slow process to even get them right now with only getting 30 a day from the sclass rm and then if you get enough once a week to do the torch rm and get only 130 honestly with the rate they are coming out now them boxes need an upgrade on amount and newer cards added more frequent hell I wont even get mercer sclass til next year or any of them since I’m still working on previous ones since I’m not giving this company anymore money til they get there shit straight


Eugene is trash!!

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He’s mediocre junk

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I honestly think Aaron is far superior

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I hope people give him a try in their teams

I was so excited with the new toon arc because this is Old Man Eugene. But when I looked at the tags for the 5 and 6 star version…

This happens. For a comic fan this pissed me off. It’s supposed to be Rest in Peace since issue 193 came with that. Come on you need to read the source material more. What’s next? Old Man Carl that has a tag of No Way Out or Days Gone Bye.

That’s my 2 cents here. The design for the toon is good since we are transitioning to the last arcs of TWD. But the stats, AR, and AS are kind of cool?


It IS meant to be the What We Become Eugene. Simply by the time you get enough shards and gear for the S-Class, he’s then old man Eugene


I’m happy to see some of the original characters come around for S class

Is Eugene worst than Kapoor😷

no i dont think so