S-class dylan no 6 star alternate

Unlike any other in the S-class era you can’t claim a 5* version of Dylan I have one and 4000 cards after just spending 25000 season tokens and so even if I have 8000 cards I still can’t s-class him


This has been discussed in several threads. It has been brought to Scopely’s attention so now all we can do is wait and hope they make his 5* version available.


You knew that there was no 5* Dylan and still spent tokens? Couldn’t you have waited until they come up with a solution?


Some customers would of assumed that there was a collection available cos what company would offer a product for purchase with no way to redeem them?

The root issue is that Scopely has offered something for purchase with no way of redeeming it. It’s not the customers fault If they naturally go, at last I can lvl up Dylan and purchase items then see there is no way to redeem them. It’s the companies fault and failings. And the fact they haven’t bothered to communicate with customers this and that they are rectifying it directly to their customers who they generate revenue from is a rookie mistake and shows what they think of their customers.

That’s not true. A lot of people got 2 Dylans from the event and just need the cards to get his S-Class.

Also just because his 5* isn’t available right this second doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. At which time people who want him might be glad to have the cards ready to claim his S-Class.

Just because they’re not useful to everyone doesn’t mean the cards don’t have a use, it isn’t a mistake or a failing for them to be on offer.

I had forgot about him being an event char and that there was no other way to claim him

I have 2 Dylans. I would love to promote him now but have no means to. Is that the customers fault? If you have resources and have resources being offered to you but you can’t use them then what is the point of offering those resources?

Nearly all s classes have a way to redeem them even when they have just been released. Even special event toons like the gold bricks and knives, there is a way to redeem them so the customer has a choice to make use of them as a 1 2 3 4 tiered s class toon

If that’s the case then they should delay other s class toons redemption availability.

If you have 2 Dylans why is this a problem for you?

When you have enough cards you can trade those in for the S-Class. The S-Class is in the museum. The problem is that people with one Dylan currently have no way to get a second one in order to claim the S-Class. But this has been brought to Scopely’s attention so hopefully they will do something about it.

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My issue is that other customers can not get another Dylan as Scopely hasn’t provided any solution for customers in that position, nor have they directly communicated to customers if this is being looked into or if a solution is being sought.

Usually when a company identifies an issues they, depending on the issue will advise that to customers… e.g. the issue with a bug we had recently… they Identified the issue and then communicated it to customers directly.

This hasn’t happened… it hasn’t happened for Dylan and it hasn’t happened for the lvl up inventory 1 mill food issue either, which I’ve already communicated to customer support about but got nothing.

You said you would love to promote him but you can’t because you have no means to. That isn’t the case.

I agree this is a problem and as I said it has been raised. It’s been said on Discord and the PC are aware as well. So hopefully something will be done.

Wasnt dylan was offered as an event toon with no concrete way to obtain the 5 stars other than the event milestones?. Hence the point of the event was to push hard and get the 2 5*s. Including the shards in the league store was most likely targetted towards the players who got both 5*s from the event milestones but were not as lucky on the stash pulls to complete the shards.

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I was wrong to say I have no way to promote him.

We have no confirmation that is has been addressed.

If an employee of Scopely have advised that they are aware of this and working on it then it’s a simple enough thing to do to simply communicate that to your customers.

The problem with communication from scopely is that they would rather send out information via Discord instead of their official forums. Even still all information should be sent via in-game because not every player has discord, line or uses these amazing forums

But they don’t even have to work on it. They don’t have to put a Dylan in the museum just because people want him there. As @Mah said he was an event toon. It’s not unreasonable to hope they will give us another way to get him after several months but they don’t have to be working on anything.

The players or the PC can advise them of what we want and it’s up to them whether they want to do anything about it. They dont have to keep us informed about every little thing.

There has lot of events in that format, princess, Aaron . This is the 1st time that customers haven’t been able to get 5* toon.

The failing of Scopely not providing customers with this and advising customers that a method will be provided shortly is the issue. Simple communication

So why was Aaron and princess put into the museum?

Simple communication is all that is required that’s it. It’s not an actually big thing to provide customers. " We are aware that currently there is no way to get a 5* Dylan, we are looking into providing customers with a way to do this which will be featured in game shortly".

Communicate that on mass. Done and dusted.

Anyone else’s asks about it, then customers have a Scopely source to to quote info to those customers.

What about 5* pete or Lily? Both only have s class in museum as well

Technically they did give us another chance to get 5* Dylan. If you didnt spend the money then you missed again. Some toons arent readily available yo preserve their exclusiveness. Think georgia and shiela. Maybe they will include him in another wheel at some other time.

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Because Scopely chose to put them there. Like they can choose to put Dylan there. We can request it and we have but they don’t have to do what we ask. As @LadyGeek said in another thread they might choose to offer him in a different way.

Maybe they haven’t decided what to do. Maybe it’s not their priority. Maybe they don’t have a timeline for it. There’s any number of reasons why they might not put a statement like that out.

Just because a few people who missed out on getting him in the event stamp their feet doesn’t mean Scopely are going to jump and get to work on doing what they want.

Some people spent $8 and got like 15 Dylan’s