S-Class delivery beyond awful

The current delivery of S-Class characters is beyond awful, after purchasing the first five offers in hopes that’d I’d get Raulito as an S-Class toon I realized I was only halfway completed on the bullets. This was after the generous 400 bullets I got from one of the offers advertised as “possibly 5,00” bullets when in reality the odds are the same as getting a 6* featured toon. So after 200 pulls, I have acquired only one Raulito, the one I was given for doing 100 pulls. Scopely needs to fix this system ASAP. I will personally after this endeavor not be spending anymore unless major changes are made to the system and scopely proves that they can maintain those changes.

Proof of progress / purchases


you spent money on the lowest of POSSIBILITY?

No disrespect but have you not learned that scopley isn’t about fairness.
They are the makers of the gambling game you play.
The jobs all boil down to money. They have systematically stripped away all the fun things and made it a convoluted system for obtaining money from gullible people.


Just wondering did the price stay the same?
Just for future reference this is the norm for all offers in game. The illusion of something you’ll get but turns into only part.

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It did stay the same throughout, I got them cheaper via amazon coins but the fallacy that they portray is that you should be able to obtain this with the offers they provide.

Yeah sorry, thought everyone knew S class costs thousands in order to get all the collectables.

That visual ad for all the raulito coin “deals” did make me feel :nauseated_face:


Who in their right mind would pay at least 600 dollars for 1/2 of an S class character. Seriously, wtf is wrong with you people???


I feel you. Being a whale myself, I half went in on an S class only to realize it is far too overpriced.


Lesson learned @Coneho but have you not seen all the other posts about the “Shit” class characters?

I mean c’mon man!

Scopely is basically EA. Making everything about pulls and shit.


yeah stop spending salty! with that said, Raul is major badass combined with Jia Feng!

Shame on you Scopes! booooo

I wanna see a competetion of worst game publishers cause scopely would beat EA anyday imo


Damn. SCOPELY MORE GREEDY THAN EA THEMSELVES. I think we found the world record for video game company greed.

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With the 2 characters need you can wait it out and spend 3-6 months playing for the bullets… But it is a trash system

You really decided to kick out dough for this overpriced crap? This character is gonna be out of date in like 2 weeks, anyway. But whatever though, it’s your money, friend. Good luck, and always believe in Scopely :v:


A good Whale is a ■■■ Whale … LMAO

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Today as a compensation in Pokemon Masters for a minor bug everyone was given 6,000 gems. To put that into perspective, that’s over 40 dollars worth of gems.

I did 2 big pulls (10) with them (they cost 3,000 gems each) and I got 4 5 stars. The best units in the game.

Guess what the odds are for the featured recruit?
That’s extremely fair. Olivia the 5 star was the featured character, I got her and 3 other 5 stars too!

This is a fair game right here.


Don’t blame scopley. Blame your self. People like you are the main problem of the game.


This picture is just so misleading it’s not even funny. First of all, you have to spend another $100 to get the five star Raulito so it’s $600. Here’s the best part though.

You are going to need more shells unless you hit th .2 percent chance at 5,000 shells. Way more. So all the coins you just bought with the first five offers nets you more than 200 pulls, which will in turn get you the two five star Raulitoa from the wheel. So you don’t even need that “free” Raulito.

Such a sham.


No the reason for that is to guarantee the two needed to upgrade to s class. They are trying to get your buy in so that you feel compelled to spend another $1100 for MAYBE the rest of the shells. Good tactic to get people already down that hole invested…#fromWHALEtoF2P


But there is no way players are getting this toon without 200 pulls… which will get your the two Raulitos (five star after every 100). Seems like it’s awesome to get that Raulito when in reality, you will end up with at LEAST 3.

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