S Class Davie, 500% Damage to one+Adjacent

First look at S Class Davie and he brings potential nuclear levels of damage into the game with his rush. If paired well with defense down, attack up or in combination with his own active the damage output, especially against attack teams, could be immense.

He comes in the Valentines theme paired with the current Davie New Love event that is going on right now. Hold the line as a specialist skill is generally good for defense team characters over attack team, but he still may have space in both attack and defense. What do you think?

Davie is Best in Attack or Defense?

  • ATK
  • DEF
  • BOTH

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Thank goodness for James and Marlon.


PoWeR CrEeP :crazy_face:

Like the whales needed another way to destroy the f2p even faster. :smirk:


Yea. Turn 1 AOE is a bad idea… should have been 76

Its a good thing marlon has lightning reflexes :money_mouth_face:

Marlon Sucks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Complete waste of precious Lillith’s.


Lightning reflex only works if Marlon is the target.


lol yes I know, but I’m sure if Davie gets a little too close rosie will give him a little nip.

Yellow, great he’ll be retardedly strong with that new 5 star weapon craft lol.

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Personally, I don’t focus on his rush. With his already good attack stat, his double attack special trait, and the crit damage increase, most I need is an attack boosting lead and his active.

I don’t see the benefit of marlon and Rosie. I can’t imagine many will use him on defense. And lightning reflex is just a regular attack back. He’s certainly not going around killing enemies with regular attacks.

The only benefit I can see with him is if he has stun on his weapon, he might stun enemies trying to AR him, which nullifies their AR.

But so many people run stun resists now and it’s still operating on a chance.

Lightning reflex is how I pretend I’m posh enough to have payback


That was the point of my sarcasm.

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You know they say all toons are created equal. But you look at Davie and you look at Marlon and Rosie and you can see that statement is not true! Marlon and Rosie is a free toon and when you fight a promo toon the chances of winning drastic go down!

I got a 66 and two thirds chance of winning because I can’t do math as I’m a goddamn Doctor not a matholigist. So in conclusion with everything added up and with a little bit of imagination ,I have a 141 and two thirds chance at best of failing to get rampage the only crit that matters.

Lmao. Sorry, long day :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Another way to get rid of blues first arrav then Louis now davie

Or 1st Aarav then 2nd Aarav. The other 2 suck


The time for greens will Come soon.

Louis does 900% damaged with slow which will have complete control for probably an extra 2 rounds the arrav has 750 damage to a line which can double up if he kills some one then davie can finish the rest off