S Class Daiyu, Taunt 3 for 3 turns - New Fast Priya?

New Daiyu is a potential monster on defense and attack however you will have to choose where you want to use her. The rush is extremely potent as a full control taunt, reminiscent of 5* Fast Priya, especially since taunt was buffed by receiving 5AP extra each time you attacked by a taunted character. With two Daiyus on a def team it will be extremely frustrating to deal with.

Will you be trying to get Daiyu?

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Even the 6* version of Daiyu will be great on an attack team due to the dual specialist skill she has as well as infection on her active skill. However you will most likely not want to raise her active if you intend on using her for def teams to keep attack teams locked.

Behind Lao Po, oh joy! :grin:

Btw her name is said like (day ah) Dia (you) Yu.

Behind Lao Po with a stun gun def modded Guo in there to ensure they are both procing early.

I still think Guo is going to be the shining light for both att and def teams in the future, especially with a Daze resist.

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Thanks, @Lockdown for another nice video :wink:


She’s been a pretty fun card to use so far.

No idea why she isn’t classed as support.

That 1 turn increase on the taunt is a massive upgrade from 6 star. It is the difference between being locked and not being locked.

Nah, Kyle is the new Priya. You can give him stun on his weapon, and he actually confuses 3, which is closer to Priya that confuses 3 as well.

Also lower AP needed to use his AR, just like Priya.


Except kyle gets two shotted

Kyle doesn’t usually last past turn 1 though, if you have Tough Priya at least.

5* Priya doesn’t last 1 turn as well, so I guess they have that in common.

She did in the 5* era, the time when she was relevant.