S Class Collection Extension

I was wondering whether the current collections that are coming up will be extended again?

Some are deciding what to work on next. Maybe mercer, maybe princess, maybe wangfa, maybe Pete, maybe Priya.

I was just wondering whether we can expect these collections to be 100% done when the timers are up. Or if we are looking at another extension.

Not sure who to tag. But it’d be nice if this was communicated to players, because you never know, and you don’t want to work towards something to find yourself a little short thinking the timers will be reset.

Some of this is for my own benefit as I was thinking of working on my second 6 star mercer. But seen it in global chats and my own faction chat.

An extension would be great, but just an answer as to if it could be extended would be great.

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They have already extended timers when they got down to around 90 days in the past and a Scopely employee has stated the intent is not for the timers to run out.

I want 5 Pete’s!
will spend 100k to get them
do it scopely

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You mean they won’t run out again? Like they’ll reset them?

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