S-class collectables trade?

Dear Scopely,
Dear @GR.Scopely,
Can we have some kind of trading system in the game (maybe in the museum) where we can exchange our not needed collectables for something that we need.

I have some cones that I don’t need but I need blue keys. Maybe 1:3 rate is fair.


That would be great and also smart


Maybe they will let you trade them 1:1 for supply points.


We shouldn’t have to accept less than a 1:1 conversion. We’ve earned those collectables, we shouldn’t have rewards lessened in value.


So you think the cones you earned should be able to be traded for Mercer collectables? And 1:1? Same with blue keys, right?

I think 1:3 is a fair ratio. Anything else wont work. We had the same exchange once in the museum where we traded extra blue keys for something else. Now we need something different

I feel like that’s not the point of Scopley making different collectables. I mean if you don’t need them you don’t need them. An exchange for something like gear would be fair.

Think back to the days when they had a certain toon for a reward in a level up. If you didn’t need that toon there was no reason to go dump a bunch of resources leveling up if you didn’t need it.

I don’t remember anyone complaining that they won red Eugene in a tournament and wanted to cash him for some other toon.


No I never said that. In another thread I said there should be some restraint to what you can exchange for. You shouldn’t be able to trade in old items for the newest. Something like groups of 3 or 4. Keys, ice cream cones and bullets in one group and so on. I also suggested on that thread being able to exchange them for veteran rings.

I think veteran tokens or league points would be okay. Don’t think it’s a good idea for other collectables.

You could forget ftp ever winning an event.

You can forget it now unless you are in a dead region.

Nah I’m in 1a definitely doable on right collections

I already mentioned that as a problem in the other thread. But as it stands now I rarely see a F2P win an event anyways. It’s always the same people regardless whether they need the items or not.

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Sounds like you need new region been like 8 different winners in a row in mine.

FTP can win if they plan it right.

Of course they can if whales decide not to win or deem it not worth it.


You can outplay whales too if you’re smart. I do it all the time in LUs. It’s often about speed and efficiency.

With raids, make sure you keep a constant lead above whales. The only advantage they might have is that they win raids faster, but often not fast enough to beat your point lead.

With SR, it’s the same thing, except for maybe the auto-play tokens.

Why are you assuming you will get point lead?

Too many shards.

But not all toons are equal, do I don’t think there should be a swap for collectibles for a poorer earlier toon to an enhanced later one.

Choice boxes were supposed to have fixed this problem. If they just gave our choice boxes no-one would need to swap.

Because a point lead is what everyone needs regardless of if they are a whale or not.

If you can’t even obtain a point lead, the only way you can win is to hope they run out of resources, but even F2P have resources stocked up to outpace you for just long enough until the event ends.

By keeping a point lead, you make sure they can’t keep up and beat you.