S-class clementine team?

im wondering what types of teams clem would be good in
for now i got erin,christa,command maggie,mia and clem

An entire team of clems

I have both her six stars and have been debating if I should go for the s class. Tough picking. Through pure serendipity I ended up with both of her, a Rosita, Trader and then the free toons; Jason and the doc damage dealer. Have one trader, trying to decide if I should finish him off or go for rick.

My team idea for her is James, Heyegen, ap doc, and I on Ivonna or command rick if I end up getting him.

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all teams mentioned above are bs, clem+alpha and itzi pitzi

I would be trying - Clem lead, Hengyen ( he would enjoy the AP gain ) Daiyu ( She can lacerate Hengyens bleed damage and also deals a massive infection and can create a controlling taunt loop) Aarav ( He would be awesome combined with clems def down) and Ivanova ( just for the focus, but her rush would also be pretty brutal behind clems def down)

You could go the hard core damage route - Priya, Princess, Aarav, James, they would all love that def down - or you could try build an infection team, with Mateo and Daiyu, behind clem with some heal blockers like Sec Gau.

Good on you for getting Clem! I love the part of the game when you get a new leader, and you get to play around with teams :smiley:

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Clem, Kenny, Aarav, AP Doc, Rick. Kinda fun

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I use a similar set up:
Clem, Alpha, Aarav, AP Doc and Rick.


I use that exact team but with Iva lead instead haha.

I feel Kenny and Clem synergise better together, and Iva and Alpha synergize nicer as pairs

Celem is great wee underrated toon makes alpha a killer have a team im building myself. Dont think itl be ready for next war but. As said above ud need to use kenny or invoa with the team for focus, with a command toon it doesn’t really matter which one even if invoa gets the lead boost.

thanks guys

Doc, Rick, Alpha and Aarav are my plans with her

I have both her six star also. Just have better options at the moment

I already have
Top priority

  1. 2x trader
  2. 2x wangfa
  3. 2x shiva
  4. 2x rick
  5. 2x Clementine
  6. 2x Minerva
  7. 1x Guo
  8. 1x Jacki
  9. 1x davie
  10. 1x Dylan
    Not so interested in

Clem is still in my top 5 would of been higher if I didn’t have ivonova

I have guo too but hes never really given me a hard time so he’s on the bench. I’d really like rick an alpha. Need to start sticking to one toon at a time. Spreading myself too thin.

I have some of those which are the x1 are the ones I have achieved through Long events and Level ups and stuff.

Useless agains liu or shiva.

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Yah there’s no Normalize.


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It’s a fun team not a beats all team

I want to try out this team, but need to get doc an 8% and somehow score another 20% sword for Carson. It would be useless against RNG and payback teams, but I think would be fun nonetheless

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What does Carson do?