S Class Clementine for the fans please!

I know that a percentage of players on RTS are playing because of the Telltale Characters. Why not make another Telltale event or a new S Class Clementine in the near future? Certain people would go crazy over this and I think there would be good participation in the event! By the way, I do appreciate the recent showing of Telltale characters. Keep it up!


S Class Clementine has been leaked already.


I am 10000000% sure it will not be a f2p . In the best case $copley finds a new way to shut up all the moths with a 6* version of a toon to all players and give the S class with an extra money .
This way the f2p will have a team at -50% power comparing to the p2p teams .
And guess what . All players fall to that tric .
Congratulations scopley you are masters when it comes to milk peoples.


Oh sweet! Where can I find this info?


Interesting weapon. Lol but that is what she has to use so it makes since. Thanks!


My rp gets thrown off a bit when a crutch gives crosshairs. It made sense with raulito gun, less with like daiyu and hengyen.

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Was hoping she would use Marlins Bow. But I guess this will work.

Any good event is welcome, no matter the theme

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