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Hey guys just wondering what you guys would think of if they added another museum thing for the weekly missions that took 6 months of doing the weekly missions for a 50 50 chance for an s class toon or the normal version of an s class toon but it was in a wheel and it could be any of the s class toons or there non s class version. Like after 6 months of doing the weekly missions you then could get one 50 50 open where lets say you could get an S class Pete Anderson or you could get a normal Pete Anderson of course you wont get to choose the toon you want the 50 50 for but it will be better for people like me who dont have the money to spend on the game to have a chance at getting the S class toons we may never get.

No lol. If I’m going to grind for something for 6 months I will expect to get the thing I grinded for.


It a weekly mission that takes about an hour to finish its not really a grind. Or would you rather grind the keys for pete for a year and probably still not get him?

I’d rather grind for the toon. Not a “chance at” the toon.

And 6 months is too long. The toon wont even be relevent then.

you get 2 chances at the toon for a year or you get 1 toon POSSIBLY if you grind for the whole year its not like that museum for pete is a guarantee if u grind the road map for the whole year atleast this way its a guarantee your getting somthing it takes 75 days of doing the enitre s class road map to get pete but if you dont get the torches your outta luck because you will only get around 8.4k from not having torches after the entire year

Or how about you get to grind for 2 months and get the toon. What use is a year old Pete going to be to a f2p? Or even a spender.

and thats why they add all the s class toons to it not just one its a chance for any of them
idk how the replies work here but this is for the one about 6 months being too long

I just think you should raise your expectations. Guarenteed rewards. Not RNG.

this isnt really for spenders spenders and obv go out and spend and get the toon but f2p players will atleast have an sclass toon other wise probably not gained

i only said a chance because i feel like if scopely added the idea they would make it a chance anyway and i feel like they would add somthing else in there to make it less of a chance

That’s the problem. They think it’s okay to make things a chance at. Every other major mobile game out there allows players to earn those big charaters over time with participation. Scopely makes it so you have to pay to have better odds at getting them.

thats why they should add stuff like this everyone knows alot of players are leaving and scopely needs to do somthing and stuff like this will encourage more people to stay. The big spenders are taking over and a good bit of free to plays are leaving even some spenders are

sorry this thread is meaningless

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Could you explain why rather then just saying so and leaving atleast state your point @sajidkhan

No more rng. Thanks but no thanks. And even most spenders aren’t spending on s class, as most spenders even do not want to spend minimum $700 on a single toon.

No plan to stay for 6 months if the projected path continues.
It’s another eviction of non paying players in a free to play game.

If someone was to stay playing because of this, they’d be straight out the door when half a year resulted in nothing due to bad RNG meanwhile opponents got good RNG, an S Class and insta-wins for 6 more months.

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