[S-Class] Character Spotlight: Wangfa

Its only more files in the game that 98% of players will not be able to,Why not launch a Rick S, only Chinese now, respect at least the old players by putting really Iconic characters ,The thyphoon event was a totally paid trash, the zhu almost nobody took it, now comes with this one of character S that nobody knowswhy don’t you do the classic characters first then do these thyphoon,The game has almost nothing of the same stuff for more than 3 years and when they launch they make a clown with the players, character you have to play more than 3 months to achieve.

What a joke. More collectibles you can’t obtain unless you spend. Nice on keeping your promises to close the gap to ftp players. Nice the way you droughted torches so it takes forever to get any cones/ collectibles. Nice the way you keep putting weekly missions that are impossible for most to accomplish even though it takes forever already. Nice job scopely on the worst business team in the business! Happy players spend more. Its common freaking sense.


And where’s the Michonne or Ricks gun everyone was promised? Where’s the Plushies? Where’s the chance to use said Plushies we were promised?


I got s class priya w/o spending.

Level him up he’s freaking awesome as a 6* hemorrhage and crosshairs are sweet

I did get Pete, one Raulito and one Priya without spending but Scopely is misleading the player base once again. Because of collection process of S-Class and the how the items are given out in small amounts, they are making it look like they’ve listened to us and changed their ways. The reality of it is that due to the length of time to get one of these toons to S-Class, a considerable amount of time will have passed since their release. Scopely eventually puts all premiers in various wheels and rewards, so the process is different but the overall state of the game remains the same

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250 coins Wow

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I will. Just scraped enough silver medals togethee to ascend 1 of the 10 need to ascend. Good times lol

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I here yah there

How do people not have medals I don’t get it lol

Being in top facs that have 350m level up battles. And ascending loads of red 4* trying to get donny

Well that was a waste uh

Unless you wanted Donny :man_shrugging:t3:

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