[S-Class] Character Spotlight: Pete Anderson

Character Breakdown


Name: Alert


What is S-Class?

  • S-Class is a Limited Edition version of the standard character that comes with amplified Base Stats, Rush, Active, and/or Weapon Effect. This S-Class character is only available in the Museum Collection.

  • S-Class characters will require 2x the normal gear in order to tier up.

  • Standard version of this character is also available in the Museum Collection.

  • To learn more about S-Class and how to unlock Pete Anderson: New "S-Class" Fighter: Pete Anderson


Name: Medic

Description: Heals and buffs through direct heals, healing over time, Revive, or other beneficial effects for your teammates.

Base Stats (Max 90 | S-Class)

Health: 2,262

Defense: 2,291

Attack: 1,735

NEW Rush

Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Revive 2 teammates with 60% of their max HP. Those teammates get Guardian Shield. This character and up to 1 other teammate gain +60% Bonus HP and get Guardian Shield.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 2

Cooldown: 1

Effect: All teammates recover from Maim and regain +40% HP. This character gains +35% AP.

Leader Skill

Effect: All ranged teammates get +30% HP, +30% Defense, and a huge bonus to AP when taking damage.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: At the beginning of each wave, all teammates gain +20% Bonus HP.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Ultimate Protection

  • S-Class Pete’s Rush comes with 2x Revive that also provides a Guardian Shield to those characters that have been revived. This makes recently revived characters (by Pete) more challenging to take down upon being revived.

  • Additionally, S-Class Pete provides a Guardian Shield to himself and 1 other teammate, along with Bonus HP, making him and his teammates incredibly difficult to kill.

  • Pete’s weapon also comes with providing his teammates +20% Bonus HP at the beginning of each wave, giving his team a clear advantage at the start of combat.

Teamwide “Anti-Maim” Defense

  • S-Class Pete’s active skill is specifically tuned to continuously counter common, competitive, Maim-centric teams by removing Maim and healing his entire team.

  • Additionally, Pete provides himself +35% AP when his active is used, allowing him to continue making progress towards using his Rush, while also benefiting from the Active Skill.

  • Pro Tip: Adding a high percent, Gold, Maim Resist, Mod to S-Class Pete makes him perfect for countering offensive Maim-centric teams, allowing him to easily survive while also healing his teammates.

3-Stat Defensive Leader Skill

  • S-Class Pete comes with HP, DEF, and AP when being attacked leader for ranged teams.

  • This Leader Skill not only allows for more powerful ranged defense teams, but additional flexibility with different defense strategies.

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few examples Pete Anderson teams to get your creativity flowing:

Just create 7 stars already instead of camouflaging em under “S-Class”


While you’re at it, please rename him to Pete “Screw Zach and those who spent on him” Anderson.


Burn it with fire!


They’re not fooling anyone lol


This is my thoughts.

He’s a 30% power creep over gen 1. Just ugh.


Don’t forget…oh you got Regina from the league store, screw you and your FTP decap too. The only thing worse would have been if his active skill had been recap…


Do you even understand the meaning of the phrase “limited edition”?


Why do I hear boss music?


lmao :rofl::joy:

How do you ascend this 6* into an S class?

I don’t see a countdown clock in the museum for this Pete character, so is there a time limit for collecting those blue keys?

What the heck is that and what is veteran rings?

Its kinda like mods but raises base stats, she is 7400 base stats, so like 1k more than s class pete and they f.lag and remove this picture very fast so that tells us one thing… It is coming lol

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I see… So it can be used to buff base stats and eventually perhaps turn her s class i wonder. Seems silly adding more mods/functions

Its all about milking as much money as can before the sunset and here we go with vet rings lol

You can’t.you need enough keys to get the S class.

actually i wouldn’t be surprised if the game has some sort of plan to shut down. i had played couple games that had crazy sales just before they closed down. this is just my personal experience with online games.

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