[S-Class] Character Spotlight: Hengyen :fast:

Character Breakdown


Name: Fast


What is S-Class?

  • S-Class is a Limited Edition version of the standard character that comes with amplified Base Stats, Rush, Active, and/or Weapon Effect.


Name: Damage

Description: Inflicts a large amount of damage to enemies through percent-based damage, damage over time, and/or other damaging effects.

Base Stats (Max 150)

Defense: 3,219

Health: 3,970

Attack: 3,541


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Deal 2 attacks of 250% Damage (500% Total) to one enemy. That enemy and 1 other gets 1000 Bleed damage for 5 turns and Stun for 3 turns.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: Turn 1

Effect: This character and 1 teammate get +90 Crit for 4 turns. This character gains +60% AP.

NEW Specialist Skill

Name: Head Hunter

Effect: If this character performs a critical hit on an enemy, the enemy gets “Crosshairs” for 3 turns.

Crosshairs Effect: If a character is killed while this effect is active, that character is Decapitated and cannot be revived.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: When attacking, a 50% to make a second attack with 150% ATK.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Crippling Rush

  • Between the Damage and the Bleed, Stunning a target for 3 turns is an amount of control that can take any threat out of the game.

Big Bleed

  • 1000 Bleed to 1 for 5 turns is unprecedented bleed that has to be dealt with or will kill off anything standing.

Heavy Hitter

  • The combination of his 150% atk weapon and 90 crit from his active means Hengyen will hit hard when you need him too.

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Hengyen teams to get your creativity flowing:

How to Collect

  • Hengyen’s collectibles are Vanilla Cake, available now in S-Class Recruits! 2,000 Vanilla Cakes will be required for 5* Ascendable Hengyen.

  • 5* Ascendable Hengyen is also available after 100 bonus opens on the wheel! In addition you can acquire a 5* Ascendable Hengyen through our special Coin Sale!

  • 6000 Vanilla Cakes and 2 maxed out 6* Hengyen are required for S-Class Hengyen!

  • Collect 6* Hengyen and 500 Red Velvet Cakes from Premier Recruits wheels for bonus S-Class Collectibles in the Museum! Stay tuned for a special Premier Recruit wheel coming Friday at 5PM PDT!


Also the icon in game (and in the post) is decap instead of the new headhunter icon.


This character spotlight looks so hamfisted with the half cropped low quality images

So it took 4 days after the toon was released to post this?

Not only is communication delayed. It’s also very non-existent.


Can get him because i have no medals :man_shrugging:.


Seeing this team in-game would make me cry… then I’d flee :sweat_smile:

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Shit is to good for “them”

Well, you wouldn’t, because that’s an attack team.

Because Michelles, Doc Stevens and S-Classes have never been seen on defence.


Bad defenses

Where is now that second offer trail ? I bought the first one with extra coin bag but the second didnt appear. Whats now ?

@GR.Scopely where is the second offer. Do i really spend on this trail without being able to get the others ?

I offer the s-class insignia without white again.
Your graphic department is still on strike i see


I never get the offer now that my timer went away but the splash entry promo shows every time.

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