[S-Class] Character Spotlight: Frost

Character Breakdown


Name: Tough


What is S-Class?

  • S-Class is a Limited Edition version of the standard character that comes with amplified Base Stats, Rush, Active, and/or Weapon Effect.


Name: Medic

Description: Heals and buffs through direct heals, healing over time, Revive, or other beneficial effects for your teammates.

Base Stats (Max 150 | S-Class)

Health: 3396

Defense: 4246

Attack: 2972


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Revive one teammate with 50% of their max HP. All teammates regain up to 30% of their max HP for 5 turns.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: Turn 2

Cooldown: 1

Effect: This Character gets 50% Bonus HP

Gameplay Walkthrough

Human Shield Revive

  • Offense teams are running a lot of splash damage right now and having revive on a human shield works great to counter it. As the splash damage kills nearby allies Frost will revive and restore them

Defense is getting S-Classed

  • Offense teams have been dominant in the past few months and now we are starting to see S class fighters that are starting to level the playing field for defense!

Team Compositions

Here is an example Frost team!

How to Collect

  • Frost’s collectibles are Frost Cards, available now in S-Class Recruits! 2,000 Frost Cards will be required for 5* Ascendable Frost.

  • Frost Card drop minimums of 50 cards, with drops of up to 1,000 Frost Cards available in the wheel!

  • 5* Ascendable Frost is guaranteed after 100 bonus opens on the wheel!

  • 6000 Frost Cards and 2 maxed out 6* Frosts are required for S-Class Frost!

  • S-Class Frost is also available in the wheel!

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Encore un perso ultra cheater tout sa pour ns faire sortir la cb… Un perso S boubou mais sa part en steak après scop s’étonne que le jeu de vide…

Poppy af

I remember before frost made appearance in the raulito roadmap for xmas event.

I thought it was gon be him and marlon
James, Christa.
And Frost, Marlon and rosie strong s class.

Deadass I like angel but trauma hasn’t been useful. But She’s a good toon with potential. As with frost? Bleed and lace is his weakness.
Just use raulito ar, Elena, Jiafeng (Or any good ranged, melee, or any lace for your team) and he’s over.

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Try to reduce the amount of pulls for ver the 5* versión to 40 I’m sure You will get a lot of money whit that

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I may do a tapjoy offer and attempt for him. Im only thinking this since I had attempted with s class mercer. 146 cards, a 4* connor and for my first time a 6* Star.(I haven’t pulled a lvl 1 6 star from premier wheel yet. On rare ass occasions it’s usually a 5, 5 ascend or just shit)

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Wait, @TayTron you are releasing this character with a KNOWN bug? Unethical.


Bahahaha of course they are, the bug doesn’t affect him on defense so that won’t stop the money train :steam_locomotive:

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Was hoping to get Raulito but now it looks like I need Aarav too.

Thanks Scopes.

Cant wait to see 2-3 of him. Maybe even full team for some whales :joy:


they just dont give a fuck

Aarav is just licking his cleaver looking at that team.


Wrong. They only give a fuck if it benefits the player over the


Scopley? Unethical? No way

Angel is standing over Aaravs dead body after he commited suicide while exhausted

Not if you kill/control her t1

you realize it is super easy to get over 5k health and doc with daze resist wont even let it get that far…

Poopy toon, won’t change much

^^^ Cringe… yuck

Im happy the cards are back though, was confused why minerva had buttons