S Class Brutus, A Bear's Journey Character Reward

Brutus is a BEAR! He is also the reward character for ‘A Bear’s Journey’ event that will start on Tuesday - and he hits really hard! This is 6* Amber but as an S Class!

Brutus is only the second standalone animal character to enter RTS with Shiva and will likely be an instant favorite for a lot of people.
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I’m not a furry. I don’t like animals.

That is not what a furry is.


Any event details?

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Starts tomorrow at 5PM Pacific, run weekly roadmaps to get the items required for the tokens to hand in for Brutus or other S Class rewards. Roadmap energy gained from tournament milestones etc.

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Brutus :bear: looks so awesome :heart: and he also looks to be a pretty useful toon to boot. This is rare for scopley when it comes to a potential f2p toon.

I absolutely want him on my roster but I really don’t want to play this game anymore. I’m so bored with doing the same grindy time consuming things over and over and while I don’t have all the information on hand it looks like you can’t miss a single paw if you want to collect him.

What to do? What to do? :thinking:


Can we get a Troll swinging a zombie as his club for the next toon model pls? Would fit in perfectly.

And dont forget to give it splash damage on hit and infection when damage dealt.




This is an excellent F2P toon, probably the best, definitely the best event toon since Princess and I’d go so far to say even better.
Looking like a Erin-Brutus-Axel-Alpha-Kenny/Rick team will be exceptional.


Not necessarily feeling his weapon… if the enemy is at 25% HP, it just seems like overkill at that point for the 400% attack boost. Guardian is nice and the attack boost helps secure kills after his AR, but I guess there’s not a lot of other options that can be always better than his default 3rd slot.

Unless you strap a revive weapon and you get a bear that revives lol


I’m suspicious, it’s unusual for such a unique toon to be ftp. They said he’s available through gameplay but will there be a catch? I really hope not because I want a bear :bear:


I can’t wait to see a bear with a katana or an axe


Like stuck in its back, or wielded in its paws?

Good Average bad. naw Funny I like him but was hoping his AR would be bear poop where he takes a dump on survivors.


That would be Poo(h) - a different kind of bear…

But a mauling bear should have a better animation than standing on its hind legs and pounce with his front paws…

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Stun heal wouldn’t hurt. Plus 4th slot strong attacks sounds beast on him

Weapon must be at bear minimum :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It looks like you can only earn 40 paws and you need all of them to collect Brutus. My guess is the catch will be that you can’t miss a single milestone and if you do then you have to open up the wallet because Brutus seems way to good to be true as far as f2p goes.

Once the event kicks off I guess we will see what’s what.


it’s scopely, dude.
You know there’s gonna be a catch.


The milestones is the scary part. Putting up 3m for anniversary was a pain in the ass. Now I have to do it again potentially. Come onnnn