S Class Beta, Trader Counter?! First Look

Another Whisperer comes into RTS and this time it is Beta! A fan favorite in the Walking Dead community and this Beta is also the first ever Tough version of the character.

Pretty much every part of Beta’s kid combats Trader in some way although is not a hard counter like Axel and Michonne have been to their match ups.

What do you think of Beta?

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Man out of all s classes, seems like blue is the way to go


I’m so far behind on getting sclass cause they keep releasing them so often and then cant get the cards til months later if you dpnt drop a car and house payment on it


I don’t get the point of people rating Beta average. He have the highest atk base ever in the game with almost 7k points, not to mention the damage amount lower than Gentleman only (1200% vs 1500%) and all the upgrades like mods, weapon craft and team chemistry. He looks very OP for me. Double Beta in a team will turn Trader into dust.


Is he the gold brick toon :stuck_out_tongue:


We already hve f2p awseme damage toons no need to spend money for them

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Game is so imbalanced, why keep releasing characters every week while it takes 4 months to get 1 s-class, game is not fun anymore proof so many peeps has left the game


The spice of life

A quick question/comment of sorts. At 9:10 you say it looks like it only does Waste Not for the character selected to be attacked and not also for the random 2nd target. However at 7:24 you select Pete as the target. Pete and Mercer take damage and Glenn is killed. Since Pete, the targeted enemy, wasn’t killed doesn’t that mean that Glenn was the random 2nd target who was killed and then Waste Not was activated from that to do damage to Mercer?

Also whoops I accidentally voted “bad” instead of “good” >_>

Should’ve just made him a disarm and added focus to his Ar

There is one place where you want to use this guy on your defence team - Draft Arenas.

With Jasons assault rifle (with 45% attack against opponents with 50%+ hp crafted on the third slot) and his ridiculous 6661 attack combined with the fact that lead skill doesn’t work, you can put him in the middle surrounded by 15/35s and he will have 36742 attack stat (6661x1.15^4x1.5x1.45x1.45). Against attack toons that have no mods, lead skill or weapon of choice, he will almost certainly KO 2 toons with a basic attack due to waste not on turn 1.

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thats the way to go, you just need some characters first other than some like priya, princess ap doc( ofc with a command ) , mercer and try to get the new s class kenny . you can change teams with those characters like replacing mercer with kenny and stuff like that then you can go for other characters which are close.

Kinda weird hearing his name pronounced beeta lol


I was thinking the same. … at first i just assumed that if both enemy got killed from his rush, waste not might prioritize the selected toon but there wasn’t enough attacks to reach that conclusion…it might have be ramdom or waste not might also prioritize which toon will waste more damage and target that as waste not …
So yeah that was also not clear to me too :slightly_smiling_face:

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He is powerful. Bit boring though. We could use some characters that bring a bit more depth and variety to the game


You might don’t know but Scopely hates green trait.


a lot of damage dealers during the last weeks/months… I wish we could have more “technical” toons (like Laopo for example) to add some variety to the game.

beta are the trader counter humm…maybe yes or not,depends the team and all buffs in enemy team,beta is normal damage dealer nothing great but nothing bad.

To you. We allowed to have opinions, you know

Blue has always been the favorite even in 5* days.