S Class Axel, 100% Stun Resist Leader Skill

S Class Axel hates Mercer because he wanted to be Santa but wasn’t allowed - I guess he is now getting his revenge with a leader skill that gives all fast and alert characters 100% stun resist for 2 turns.

He also has a very hard hitting rush combined with good attack stat and a great support AP gain active. Add to that a unique controlling weapon and Axel’s overall kit is able to counter a lot of defenses and characters.

What do you think of Axel?


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Rip Mercer and that elusive lead chick lol


Ffs it’s just typical that I finally get Mercer and his counter toon comes out. 1 war he was useful for. Smh.


Completely understand what you’re saying, but unless you’re in a whale region, it’ll be a while before it gets to the point that Mercer is outdated. Eventually Axel will be the man for a lot of attack teams (I assume he’s attack, solve I didn’t watch the video, sorry @Lockdown), but for the immediate future, run that Mercer proudly. :slight_smile:


haha I just max vet ringed him yday :stuck_out_tongue: at least he is a monster on attack still


He still has about 6 months shelf life as a def lead… in wave 3… against non whale factions…


He looks insane and well designed to destroy tough teams with lead for fast fighters, specially with the impair clean if you don’t use any disarm on attack. The guaranteed stun resist will give you the chance to use another type of resist mod on your team. He deserve S tier rank for sure.


Wow don’t really have words

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He’s good but not over powered. There’s absolutely no S class toon can be compared to Priya on attack.
She’s absolutely the best toon ever non of the other toons can do what she do .
So for me he’s not overpowered at all

Rip guo


Stupid but not surprised as this is exactly what I expect from this company.

Two turns of guaranteed stun resist is pure crap and everyone with half a brain knows it. If anything it should have only been a chance for stun to be resisted but then we all know the whales wouldn’t shell out as much for him.

Does anyone want to take a guess as to when the next roster reboot will take place? I’m thinking sometime early next year. :smirk:


RIP in peace Mercie


Maybe Autumn this year


What a disgrace toon. And disrespect to players… gg again.


End of this year is my guess, they still have to release a disarm toon that will work on the fourth slot as well, after that it’s your lots done time to rinse and repeat.
and there will be a lot of whales VK ing for him :joy:
Seeing as cheating seems the norm in most top facs lol :joy:

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They try to pass this off as a strategy game but there is no actual strategy. It started with mods and it’s just gotten worse since.

:toilet::poop::money_with_wings::eggplant::whale: <— current state of the game


I just don’t care anymore🤗


Been saving my 20k coins for so long, hope this is the one lol

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It’s kind of funny when you think about it. More and more people are getting mercer, they give us a war with bleed towers so he’s really useful on defense, nearly everyone uses him, then Scopely goes “hey all those mercer defenses were really annoying right? Give us all your money and we can fix that for you!”.