S class Arrav weapon 4th slot idea

i could not find a good special 4th
Slot effect for him… what u guys think? Any good specialty? Or just add 30 def or

Critical expert to pop those Payback toons?

This is what i usually use for my aaravs

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Crit expert for all attacking yellow toons, for defense do that healing one.

It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it. Thinking about making a 20ap to self weapon for him too.


Those 15% atq to adjacent teammates stack if you have 2 weapons of those?

+1. I want to know it too. I have one of that stat and want to craft second.

Quick one do you run them with doc and nik, ps so jelly

Yes they do. And do 100% to base atk or the t4 teamplayer which heals 2 for 10% for each yellow on squad. It’s what I been trying and successfully failing at

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See 5-Star Weapon Effects Details [11/18]

Any status effect with a turn duration will not stack with other status effects, except healing and bonus HP. Any stat increase without a turn duration will stack with other stat increases.

No turn duration means they stack.

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just got my s.class aarav😃


Surely though Aarav is the 1 yellow toon that barely benefits from crit, since aside from 1 attack, he will usually always be ARing?

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10% rush dmg perhaps? Since he just rushs and keep on rushing

Rushes can crit I think to, not sure

Only multi-hit rushes like James etc can crit.

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add 15% more damage

but that is to adjacent teammates not him right?

i will surely give him bonus ap and critical exp. Thanks for the suggestions

Yeah, the crit only applies to regular attacks. I like it tho cos he hits very hard, more likely to get a killing blow and then another attack.

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