S Class Angel, F2P Gold Bars Character: Doc Stevens Killer

S Class Angel has been released as a F2P Gold Bars collection character, albeit a little delayed she is available to pick up in the museum right now! She has a powerful turn 1 active that is likely brought into the game to directly counter Doc Stevens.

She is not the only character available however in the gold bars collection as you can also pick up James or Christa, regardless of what you picked previously, so you could potentially have two of either of them.

Who are you picking from the Gold Bars Collection?

  • Angel
  • Christa
  • James

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I’m in shock when I thought that they remade the S-Class Angel post I immedietly thought they were gonna throw her up as a promo charachter. Like she is so good, docs = no more. FINALLY.


Anyone get brogasms when they do over 8k damage with princess? Oh so I’m not alone.

Edit thanks for the support guys. I’m confident enough now to come out and say it. I have had feelings toward. Things that don’t exist.

Like Lucille #metoo

Yea I went Angel pretty much because a second Christa wouldn’t really do me any good and James wouldn’t be used any time soon

Also only defense teams that trip me up currently are the doc + command teams so she’ll help with those

Dude, my Christa just took a 45k damage from a Princess.

I still think 1000% is way too huge considering it hits a row, and that she has attack buff with her specialist skill/weapon bonus.

She is!! Just took her to raids! That exhaust is killer on lower teams and may I just say… Dang…nice for free toon!!! Really good!!

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Yeah easily one of the best for doing her job. Like docs = no more. Unless someone got exhaust resist.

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Marry late Christmas presents to all of us here. From scopely… :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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It’s in massive poor taste that they released her during the Doc promo. It’s an absolute giant slap in the face to anyone who just spent coins/money for him. Not to mention it also hasn’t been that long since we had the t-shirt collection for him.

Just an asinine move but totally not a surprise.


Angel all the way too good to pass up on this.

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Thanks for the video @Lockdown :wink:

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