S Class Andrea has arrived!

Space suite yes please.

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Aye and with a doc 2 toons with 20% weapons (and some 8%s) they can rush T1 without the need of 2 commands. The advantage of Doc + command instead of 2 commands is that they won’t skip T2 if they don’t manage to kill all on T1. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t work against an Angel lead.

Why wouldn’t it? Daze resist mod…

My doc and command Axel lead with Kenny annihilates Jacki leads including Tanyas and double Traders. Doc and command isn’t dead against Jacki lead just because people say it is.

True that would also work

Care to disclose the identity of the 5th toon? Assume Princess, but am not 100% sure… :wink:

You got it in one against double Tanya teams as Normalise is essential. Against double Traders without Tanya then Aarav instead.
The other team that works well against traditional hard Jacki leads if it doesn’t self nuke is Priya-Princess-Kenny-Doc-Dale.

Haven’t seen much if Liu yet and when I have its only been one of him so easy to deal with.

I cannot begin to adequately express how amazing Kenny is for anti Trader duties and general T2 wins.

I like to see so many toons from TWD comics instead of random created ones. Can’t wait to see S class Carl coming

We want S Class Duck and Katjaa first

I’d love to get myself the S-class Fluffy…

But if I were to pick a Comics character they didn’t make yet, then an S-class Carl (adult) is long overdue

What are u guys putting in her weapon slot 4? Is 15/35 the best option?

Anyone noticed cutthroat not working?? Another great Scopely release of a character that doesn’t work.