S Class Andrea has arrived!

Andrea has finally got a character in the S Class era and she has a lot of potential, with her powerful rush, important active and nice specialist her weapon on top gives her a natural turn 2 rush.

If you get an attack buff on Andrea and a debuff on a defense team character I cannot possibly see anyone being able to survive her rush with the multipliers being so high.

What do you think of Andrea?

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Bascially every worthwhile toon seems to get normalize now. Gonna have to be a hard counter to that on the next ultimate defense leader to make whales drool

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Damn. Turn 0 teams coming around the corner?


A toon that deletes your opponents entire roster coming up.


Like AJ but on steroids. And red.


the cowboy outfit is over the top. first tiger king, now Texas Roadhouse waitress. I fully expect a space suit next.


Good thing about AP bonus is that it allows for new strategies. Problem with existing AP characters like Doc and Guo is that they aren’t big damage dealers. Andrea and Axel solves that problem, but I kinda like how frequent Andrea can use her AR to give that AP bonus.


Andrea is basically 5* blue Andrea reincarnated.

And sells your house at the same time

Or a bear…


Just to many Promos, is this really the only way scopes can make money😔


Will a Covid-19 suit suffice? :joy:

There’s other less legal ways they can make money.

Her weapon + Doc + 1 8% = T1 rush.

Axel lead means she will be able to rush again next turn since the 30% gain will mean his ap gain will go to her.

That’s a damn good attack toon.

We need another Exhaust counter to that. Angel was nice, but with 30% / 50% AP gainers, we need a 1k exhaust (that would last 1 turn only).

Also the aforementioned “Normalize block” lead (either via a weapon akin to Michonne/Axel, or through a lead skill for first 2/3 turns).

Now if Scopes combined such lead with such an Exhaust active, that would get the Whales really drooling!

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No one will still use Doc with Andrea and Rick in a Team. The Doc and Command Combo is already Dead. Stay on Track. There are 8% Weps and 20% Weps. Axl, Noor ect PP with Andrea Doc Stevens rly just die out of

Not necessarily. With 2 Andreas, you can rush 4 toons turn 1.

It’s only about using still Doc and Command. For me 1x Andrea is enough. Is rush 3 Toons, still good. If 2 Drops okay but if not, okay too. One still enough

For this particular setup and vs. Jacki teams maybe, but Doc + Command is still the best way to blitz a Pete team & to win arenas.