S-Class Alpha - Mod and Weapon Suggestions

So I’ve decided to focus on getting Alpha from the Battle Pass. I’ve already claimed her two 5* versions and have decided to try to plan ahead and gather her mods and craft her weapon.

Would love to read everyone’s recommendation/input on how to set up her up. It’s going to be hard to balance Crit, Attack, and/or HP/Def so she won’t be squishy.

Go full on crit damage set … … resist depends on what team you want her to go against … i will go with only one resist as she doesn’t get affected by wepone effect and go with double atk vs trait. . I know it seems weird but i think its will increase her damage to range of toons …

this is what i am thinking but i might also swap atk vs alert with atk while taunted as she can get focus on 1st turn and toons like trader princess being everywhere , that might also be great choice…
And for wepone just go for standard atk ap on atk and 15 atk 35 crit on 4th slot … 3rd slot is little tricky …if you alre lacking control just go with stun easy choice … but i still want to enhance her damage so i think i will go with +45% atk when attacking enemy with more than 50% HP …
Note: i run revives like command rick and Kenny so i have no problem her dying first turn but if you dont want her to die the just replace one mod(which you think is less necessary) with def as her def is really low …


I still don’t have her, but already have plans on her mods.

I thought about attack set with:

  • attack points
  • crit chance
  • attack vs fast
  • confuse resist
  • AP drain
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Wow. Thank you! Definitely a different perspective then what I had initially thought for her. Appreciate it

+1000 attack
+800 defence
+40% crit damage
had crit succes but she died too easy.
she and her teammate have +15 att and +35 crit weapons.

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Definitely want a stun stick on her, start with ezekiels cane if you want to Crit more consistently or reinforced katana if you want higher basic attack damage. Crit damage set and she’s pretty much good to go. Even better if you put her up with a few 15/35 allies.

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