S-class age is coming

if s class age is coming why we still get 6* or 5* ac so hard and they still so expensive also in supply depot we can buy 4* or 5* what the fick we will do with 3 4 5 normals char when we use the point who we collect for 2 or 3 mouths scopely do the game normal we are not idiots

Good question… :s

Any question you ask Scopely is simple to answer…MONEY that’s why


Seems there are plenty still spending loads of cash for the s class

They can’t just get rid of (not offer them) 3, 4 & 5* toons. Just bc they’re useless you and me doesn’t mean they’re useless to everyone. New players still need these, they’re not starting out the gate with shite class toons.
The way their (suck p) is looking at it there’s still money to be made from them, especially since there aren’t enough shite class out to make a whole team from or multiple teams from. Ascendable 5* and 6* aren’t going anywhere any time soon.
Unless they just up and release 20+ shite class overnight.

6* will be come free on wheels ect in next 12 months so don’t bother spending on those nice shiny toons

I feel like with the upcoming S-class’ 6*s and below will become utterly useless. In fact I believe more people will quit the game due to this. Especially with how much money one has to drop JUST to get 1 good unit. Its outrageous, and a money scam.

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I have to laugh at the lily that just popped in premiere? Like she was barely desirable back when she was released now you want me to try for .6 odds for literal trash in the new s class age. Bonus for buying and maxing better then the toon itself

As intended.
The people still pay to feel worthy.

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