S Class Aarav, Most powerful S Class so far?

S Class Aarav will be arriving and the potential of him is insane. He can rush twice in a turn due to 100% AP gain upon rushing and having follow up as a specialist skill - his rush pretty much guarantees a followup as well with 750% damage.

Although extremely powerful the difference between the 6* and the S Class is the smallest change out of all the S Class characters and strangely enough he also brings some support skills to the table with a weapon that will heal all team mates for 20% HP on kills and a widespread cleanse on his active.

Who is the most powerful Damage Dealing S Class so far?

  • Christa
  • Hengyen
  • James
  • Priya
  • Aarav
  • Raulito

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He can rush 3 times with command


He’s definitely the most powerful one, S-class amber basically


Amber was massively countered by Bide and Payback - Aarav can control his rush a lot more.


Who is ‘most powerful’ is all academic really. It’s like the USA saying my nukes can kill you 5 times over and the USSR saying mine can kill you 10 times over.

What matters really is I am already dust in the wind the first time. And that’s how I feel about S-Class lol.


How can Aarav control against payback?

Line damage… No rng who he hits

Is not random, a line attacks instead

Yea but if there are two payback toons you have to kill those first before using his rush so… still the same boat.


James grantees one shot to any toon plus he does extra damage to finish any toons adjacent to him

James in the last place holy crap… People always devalue free things I’m sure if James was a hard grind toon like the others S Class he would be more praised.


He will one shot most payback characters I would assume, I pretty much do already with a tier1 Priya on Negan with a basic attack.

Point about the rush is there is no RNG involved which makes it a lot better/more usable than James/Hengyen/Christa/Priya for instance. A lot of the time with those guys im not rushing due to the risk of hitting someone I dont want to.


Priya has the trait advantage. I don’t believe he will kill wayland or negan with basic attacks but I could be wrong. He’s still an amazing character, but I would have preferred him even more if he was split shot like Blue Morgan.

The 6* Follow up? Isn’t he single target?

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Glad I quit x100


Yea. I prefer single target. That’s the most control over follow up and against payback. If this guy is going to be killing negan and wayland with regular base attacks, then you can bet that payback S Class toon will be coming soon after lol.

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He will be destroying them with normal hits anyway

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So were saying spend saved coins on Aarav