S CLASS 5* versions in the wheel

Good or bad idea? What do you guys/girls think?


The only bad idea was Scopely saying they weren’t going to do it. Wasn’t surprised at all when they did


The same thing they said about 6☆

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I can’t even level them so i’ve passed on the last 3.

no, bad idea

great idea
they should have a s class wheel
with chance of getting fully max s class
1k cash for each pull, after 100 pulls u get it
I’m willing to pay scopely

do it

Scopely are the biggest lying dirtbags I’ve seen yet in mobile gaming. It’s evident across all their games.

ProTip: they’re all the same. And if you find a young game from a smaller studio that seems different, enjoy it while it lasts because it won’t last long.


Scopely takes the reward for most greediest company

EA: A worthy challenge!

To be clear I didn’t mean 5* sclass toons I meant like the 2 you need to get the s class in the wheel like possibility to pull a 5* Priya or raulito.

That’s true enough I suppose

Lol, no it’s not. I’ve only played another game for a few months, but in that time they’ve never done the opposite of what they explicitly said they were going to do. Scopely has more than once.


I actually find this topic to be important. I think there should be some sort of trade in option from a five star into cards. For example, if a player pulls four five star Mercer’s, allow the option to trade in one or two for a specified amount of cards.

No chance they would give back a 2,000 to 1 ratio like it requires to turn cards into the five star but I think a 1,000 or 500 card ratio would be beneficial to players who don’t get lucky with the S class drop if this is the method going forward.

Also, something needs be done about the gear now that S class is in the wheel. Players who pull the S class now get to bypass wasting gear on two six stars who you are trading in. Their are just flaws in the game economy that scopley is not addressing and it’s leading to tons of frustration.


But isn’t this why sclass is in the wheel? To increase spending by providing an avenue so people who have no gear but have money can skip a lot of gear requirements by pulling sclass in first place. Working as intended …

They are doing the same thing by building demand and then providing a weapon wheel. It’s just they are so disconnected from gameplay that they don’t get the weapons in it are not good, but people still spending for varnish and tokens. Imagine the spending if it had good weapons in it.

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Personally Leveling the toons to S class has never been the issue, it’s the gear needed to max the S class that has depleted my gear/ league tokens.

Yes that’s what I meant. If you start with two five stars you are going to need more gear than if you start with an sclass. But I’m starting to run out of leveling stuff too.

Yep gear all around is in a shortage right now. S class suck up allot of gear that you can’t use to level your 6 … They need to boost league token drops so we can get more gear or have a 6 gear road map every week wher we can farm… I hit 3 mill in just about every level up collecting all the tokens from milestone and I still am always running out.


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