S calculations - request for enhancement

Is there any way we can get a enhancement where you can autocreate your best S ranked team in the lineup menu? I am currently S9+ but I tried to create an S10 team and it seems that either I am calculating things wrong or achieving an S10 isn’t possible yet.

My team is Gabe, Kal, decap Alpha (x2), Sandy.

With the mods and leader bonus and weapons, my total score is 36641.5. S10+ is supposed to be 36626-37540.

So maybe I am not calculating like Scopely does or maybe it is broken.

@JB.Scopely, any chance we can get an enhancement so we can at least see what our best combo is so we know who to work on or where we could improve?


Problem is that it is unclear how weapon specialist skills and AP bonus weapon/leader abilities affect things. Until that’s confirmed, is all just speculation

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I know. I was hoping for them to work their magic on their end so they wouldn’t have to disclose their secret formula.

I tried to do it in Excel taking the base stats and figuring out the individual bonuses from each item (like leader bonus) and then adding that to the original value and adding in mod values… and my team is a S9 though it should be a S10+ if they handled those values in that manner… which means either there is a bug or 30%attack on a weapon is not really adding 30% to your toons attack value.

Perfectness of a mod matters. I turned on off a ranking by changing same level equivalent mods with different effective stats (rolls) .

I would hazard its a fixed scoring based on % of maximum value.

Weapons was less clear. Couldn’t tell if it was truly the weapon score or the stat on the weapon.

Whoa. I never even thought of that. That is just nuts since we have absolutely no control over it.

Of course you do. Chuck out the imperfect ones and buy more and hope for perfect ones!!!

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