Ryker? What about Bryan?

You guys are promoing characters faster then your selling them now? Bryan didnt even hit promo shop and you got a new one out? But you don’t got time to do legacy 6*? C’mon. What a crock a crap conundrum conformity you guys commuting to?


Who’s Ryker

Scopes logic:
Make 10 legancy in 2 months meh lets make only 6 in half year and 30 premium characters or more… i hate this trash system.
Why u doin this scopes @JB.Scopelycan you answer why?

Edit : 7 legacy and 46 PREMIUMS!!!


I don’t get why all this freaks excist in the first place. I play this game because of the characters, TWD Characters. While they done some pretty good Orgin Characters almost every Legendary Orgin Character is boring as hell. I just don’t get it. They actually make themselfes more Work designing New Characters than using Old ones, from the Comics and so on. But I guess they always do the exact Example of what there Fans want…


VK has just leaked Ryker, hasn’t it?

Why didn’t they just call him Number 1?

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Cause he’s a number 2! :rofl:

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Simple answer. They don’t care. It’s all about the $$$

Yea its 100% tru

Funny how Eugene’s AR was nerfed from 450 to 350 but these new reds come in all guns blazing.
This game has no hope left

I think most people play this game because they’re obsessed with TWD in one format or another, whether that be the comics (me), the TV show (also me) or the TTG games, hell some even like FTWD, but sadly I don’t have the first fuckin clue who half these characters are.

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Ryker and bryan are apparently telltale twd

Both of them look way too goofy to be Telltale characters. Besides, if they were Telltale toons, they would be labeled under a TWDG episode name rather than “Road to Survival #1”. They would also have the unique background in their artwork like the other TTG toons do.

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If they can’t make money off characters they’ll make it off the gear they are starving everyone now anyway.

Ryker is trash and so is Bryan anyway.

So who would rather have Bryan or ryker? I’ll go with ryker I think execute is pretty decent and he will hit hard.

Carley JUST came out :man_shrugging:

Yep, another 2 months to wait for 1 character.

Carley is trash.

I play it because I love the advance wars rock paper scissors style play.

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