Ryker "Deal With It #1" Video

In comes Ryker with the coolest persona out of all the other Survivors. This monotone dude doesn’t even flinch a face muscle when faced with imminent danger. Is it weird? Yes, but it’s Ryker… Deal With It.

How would you all use Ryker in a team comp? Let us know!


I wouldnt want him even if he was inboxed to me right now for free. Execution… I’d have to worry about him hitting a toon and killing it instead of my decaps. 85 rush… Tyreese is 85 rush and can decap and is f2p and is blue… All in all they skipped Bryan which i think would be great behind kenny for farming and sr and gave us a toon with an outdated specialist skill esp in this current meta. I wouldnt use him at all, ever. Maybe for sr but i have 5 stars that are better for sr than him.

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they want to sell more execution toons, so that in turn, they can sell more revive toons…


Horrible Character ok if u get him but gonna pass on $$$$$

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