Ryan's blunderbuss

Scopely wasnt taking any chances with their christmas bonus lol.


it would’ve been a real blunt buss on their part if they failed… :unamused:

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Nothing special that cant be crafted

Worse than what can be crafted really. All those 5 star weapons are significantly worse than what an average 6 crafts could make.

They’re good if you’re in a new region though.
I’m in a month old one.

Aye but if you’re thinking long term, they won’t be. Sure, I suppose they are a decent stop gap until then.

Definitely easier to buy a stun gun than craft one lol sometimes

With how bugged everything is , probably doesn’t even work lol

Great! Been waiting for this new weapons premier. bought 100k coins for it.
The blunderbuss will be a useful weapon for the next few weeks. Will take time for us to be able to make enough of our own better weapons

You bought 100k coins?
Jesus christ

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Hopefully they’re tapjoy coins

Unlikely. He said he bought them.

Yet they complain they dont have enough gear in another thread. Hell man just buy the gear you need. Obviously it’s not an issue

Hmm maybe just maybe everyone on the internet doesnt always tell the truth

Lol buying is not an issue. But i buy all the gear i can buy and still not enough. Maybe u dont know theres a limit to how much gear is on sale at a point in time.

And besides, gear is regularly being given free. Just flows slower than i need so i asked for more to be sold or made available. Read that thread better.

3 wangfas and 4 daiyus still not being maxxed. Not to mention all the others.

Anyway, thats not the topic. its good we seem to be getting premier weapons regularly again. Blew the 100k on it and now i have a few weapon tokens and parts to play around the armory with :wink:

you need help


and that ladies and gentlemen is why Scopely doesn’t feel the need to fix anything in their game


Your right I definitely have not thought even once that there was not enough ridiculously overpriced gear to spend thousands on weekly for. I take back my uninformed comment. Sorry to offend.

Just wondering tho are you sure you buy everything legit (vk) or are you secretly the CEO of amazon or something? This game seems to attract bored millionares by the bucketful and ive never understood why even if they have insane cash to throw at it, they would waste thier precious time tapping a screen for literally nothing. Games time investment is insane and I would figure millionares had better things to do. If I ever won the lottery or something you can be damn sure I wont be spending hours a day poking my phone playing a spending simulator.

Btw did you end up getting Ryan’s blunderbuss? Weapon wheels in the past have been notoriously clogged with weapons you don’t actually want to make the 1 percent chance of pulling one even more convoluted when there is 5 of them in there. Asking for a friend…


Buddy did 10 bigs got none but has like over a million tokens lol.

You already know special people like that pull until they get what they want…if it means selling their house, their car, their family at least they got their pixels

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