Ryan before he slays your ya know

His 5* shots chewing gum
And his 6* weilds a Flintlock some slixk riffs and a face of pure thiccness
While his rush and skill may give you the absolute spooks
Please rember that a German yodeller with a 8 tun focus bow exists
And so Ryan may not be as useful for the defense
Another words Mr thicc can’t actually reach his full potentiall which in
Another words mean he ain’t worth a dime

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Trash toon, by turn 5 everyone is dead Imao

Also here’s Ryan gutair irl it’s 2 grand irl
Spend 2 grand on this and you be Mr thicc
And also start a cool band and shit idk

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Its just his bide, bide is broken and acts like reflect damage, Ellie is killing toons when i rush and kill her without any damage to her, if he is the same then that is something, other than that over all he is trash but people will spend on him, a lot less now that we are #playersunited tho.


why put a Scopely employee in a game he has nothing to do with lol hes the lead designer on star trek … go figure

at least with Shawn it made sense … and yvette


Elle is tanky Ryan is thicc but squsisy
So he’s easier to kill basically if you can do insane dmg that will kill bide easy
If you maim a dude with bide… Wellur fucked

Yea but bide has been broken or at least it was when i fought Ellie in war and yes Ellie is much better than Ryan by the looks of things.

I’ve always felt all these toons designed after Scopely employees just reek of narcissism as if they need some sort of validation from players using them.


I remember correctly that @GR.Scopely said they gona change a lot of things???

BY what??? Relesing ANOTHER ONE fu*king op promo???

Go step in the poo liars.


We are no longer in March/April time. The game is not a vaccume; the following toons also exist: Wayland, Negan, Mia, Raven, Olivia and Pete. These are toons that have extended the lengths of battles.
Many players have adjusted their strategies accordingly and now have teams that are able to take down top teams with OP toons, over a longer period of time.
I’ve never faced Ellie, but from what I have heard, Bide is incredibly OP. This toon will automatically be taking down at least 1 other toon with him if not more simply because of bide.
He will be able to AR turn 3 and turn 6. That means, unless you run team wide taunt mods, you will be losing control of 4/5ths of your team for turn 3, turn 4, turn 6 and turn 7.
His +100% bonus hp means the power of his bide is effectively doubled.
Unless he has a more powerful weapon, give him a stun gun with huge Ap on attack and on def and he will be incredibly strong.

Huge ap when being attacked since taunt got a buff behind s class pete and lil star trek Ryan here is going to destroy with bide, you are lucky you havent faced Ellie lol bide is much worse than payback

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With huge Ap on def, there is a high possibility that somebody will lose 4/5ths control of their team after turn 3 until he’s dead. That would be crazy annoying.

Try some Ellies out lol you will see how insane bide is, the roadmap doesnt work, her skill isnt leveled, weapon not made and no mods. This Ryan is going to be killer on some S class Pete teams, i can see the taunt loop now :sob:

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he’s glitched

Doesnt taunt generate 5AP when being hit?

Im sure there is a way to make him rush every 2 turns

Elle’s way better. Honestly the biggest problem with Elle is her pain split. If you can control it, then it becomes a lot easier. Just gotta make sure you can control him so he doesn’t rush. Good toon, but no where near Elle.

They never said they wouldn’t release promos. And they won’t stop. We just need a bigger balance between promos and legacies while updating old game content.

Put yourself in the position of an investor in this company… the company comes to you and says, we are going to release new promos for 30-60 days… how do you think that will go?

Promo schedule should follow
Mon-wed a previous promo
Thur-sun a new promo
With alternating releases of legacy and new
Meaning 2 new toons and 2 legacy a month minimum
Maximize that money and keep people happy


I would be fine with releasing promos but we needed a good ftp attack toon yesterday. But since they probably put 1 intern on making these legacy toons they will probably be late and suck the hind teet


Hint campaign for romanov my guy

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