RYAN any good in the S class era?

I was going to pull for him before I noticed his defense stats .
Max 1800 ?
If anyone have a screen shot of Ryan fully upgraded with def mods and def in weapon and leader . Please share it here .
I just want to see what’s his max def looks like.

S-class Priya will kill him with one shot lol


As relevant as 1* Susan with a reflect damage weapon lool


Payback toons are useful against sclass. Give them a taste of their own meds. Confuse to mess up a team. Stun to disable. Decap to make sure they stay the fuck down. Payback so it’s not a easy body.

Hmmm is he better than Cameron Scarr???

I believe Cam is a better bide toon cause of relentless taunting, of course in a right setting


Okay a couple of points. Ryan is a bide specialist, not payback. And if Priya one shots him, no bide damage.

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Cameron scarr is one shot killed by Christa lol


Put your payback toon out there. If he gets hit with that ar She’s be fucked. (Only if her atk is 10k+)

True. Very, very true


Yeah that damn b*tch hit with 14k atk Stat rn putting any green is suicide

I wouldnt mind Ryan because of his taunt to so many toons. Would slow some teams down!

He is not a payback specialist lol

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Ryan wasn’t even that great even in the 6 star days. Now he is priya food

Nop , Christa can’t kill Cameron with one shot. If he is under the right setup.

  • Cameron will rush before Christa sooooo
    Endless taunt
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Actually if you go full attaque mods and weapons on Christa, she will be the dead one after one shot not Cameron

I know that He’s a bide specialist I was saying in general damn lol

James is a one shot kill based on damage.

If he was a payback I would’ve go immediately without asking, lol

A payback and a bide hybrid would be ultimate pay to win
(This is gonna self destruct in 60 seconds to keep scopes from getting items)