Russians are on a whole other level

Everyone knows that russians are insane at this mobile game. Old Hard Elite members to godfathers. AP and Endgame can’t reach this type of level.

That’s right! S20++ this dude is so good he does not even want to go up in leauge, in that way he can bully new players. Seriously though get rid of these cheaters.


Do it! I heard his team is crap tho… Lmfao

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HOW IS HE S20 tho.

Hes russian? I don’t know they are on a other level lol

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Lets see. VK is mainly for RTS leaks (Probably a small or large community) Either 5 red negans or 5 waylands. Or idk

not true here it is for promoting a marketplace


Its called stat manipulation, he changes his toons coding to have 20k attack/def/health


You finally response to me (Jk im cool) I never knew hackers can make perma stat changes. I thought it just resets to normal stats.

I tried it on a different account a year ago and its easy to change the stats, but that account got banned within a day.
So however they do it the game doesnt detect the changes they made :man_shrugging:

YOU WHAT?? Jk jk. Scopely security system can ban that acc within a day but dont care that people are getting op toons from vk. I guess scopes too busy COUNTING money.

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Yea fr lol its been 2 years you think that scopely would figure out some more advanced security to block VK

Not really. Remember the guy that got fucked over by vk and he snitches on yourself thats called snitching on yourself for doing something Illegal. Basically you buy illegal guns and get scammed and you go to police and get arrested for the idiot you are. Clearly scopes dont help ppl who get their accounts taken theft by VK. But too busy to see if their russian employees can do something about it. RTS VK may never be taken down. Until scopely actually does something about it.

what in the world are you saying here this is like a mad libs posting


And will you look at that a real cheater that will take months to be banned

Mista C ur faction is op too

The system loves to flag me.

it is like some one put a spoon in the drawer for knives

YUP I fucked up big time. My ass is handed to me in a minute

I don’t think a real hacker would use vk. You’d have to be a special kinda stupid to buy into these hacks on your main account. Also seems like a waste of time to even try since the account would be b@nn3d anyhow.

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Now now dont make your alligiances so obvious. Scopey make trust-systen like cs-go/valve did and match hackers and untrusted accounts with each other.