Running Low on Gear and World Cans

This new style of gear roadmaps are completely screwing myself and several others over. I do not have hardly any gear to progress my characters or world cans to complete the three stages of the gear map. Even if I had the world cans, I still would be short on gear because Scopely nerfed them dropping. As someone who works a full time job as a teacher, I do not have the time to sit around and wait for my energy to refill all day to complete the map either. Scopely, please for the love of all that is good in this dang game, bring back the original format of farmable gear maps. I suggest doing a farmable elite/epic gear map every other week, so twice a month. This every day thing would be nice if it was farmable and if you had endless resources. I have invested a lot of time into this game. 2 years worth of playing since the day it came out. I worked my way to where I am at and this new format is making me want to not even open the game. Coupled with several other issues as well. So please, bring back things that actually benefit the people who have spent time funding and playing your game.



What level are you? I complete most of the map when I go to bed and when I wake up. Usually on auto as I am getting ready for bed or getting up. Could drop the 1st part of the map though. It’s available under the silver radio for cheaper.


If anything forces me to quit this game this will be it. When your teams cant grow because you have no materials what do you have to look forward to?


114, but almost level 115. Survival road tournaments gave out great xp so I farmed it as much as I could because I need the mats to get some weapons rolling. It is difficult for me to find the time to complete the map because of my schedule/not having world cans. If I had a supply of world cans built up, I could complete it easier but I would run into the same problem as it kept refreshing. I get some of it done because it isnt a handout, you do have to put effort in to get something out, I realize that. I just think the old format was easier on me personally because it allowed me to build up cans and go after what gear I specifically needed.

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I don’t have any trouble finishing the map. but the ratios are so out of whack. Everyday you are getting a bag and walkie but only 1 of each other piece of gear to go with it. I have been out of night vision goggles in both regions constantly. So it’s awesome I got wyatt from the nuggett event but now I cant get him past 6star T1. even if you aren’t going to make it farmable at least give a reasonable amount of gear (ie. 6) for the non bag and walkie stuff.


I hear ya. I assume the new way will be supplemented in one form or another. With my current schedule at level 125 I don’t need world cans and run most of the map during my nighttime routine and morning routine. The free weekends allow me to use the energy on other roadmaps. I imagine at your level you are very close to running the gear map with no world energy refills. Time…well that is diffferent for all of us. That is why I see complaints with the old system and new. Numerous threads on the old gear maps about bad timing or having to clear schedules.

I know this way so. Many of us feel we have to complete every map but do we? I want to but I certainly don’t need to and can easily remain competitive in the game. Do I prefer a shiny new levelled toon every week! Sure! But my 5* roster got bloated and unmanageable. I prefer the slow route although Scopely could surely mass release a bunch of ascendable og toons and just make us choose based on gear who to level.

I have found the lower tier level up milestones to supplement quite nicely it I hear ya.

There have been a few in the milestones but it’s like one per tournament and I have barely ever seen night vision goggles (could be because that’s what I need so I’m noticing it more). but look at wyatt. to get him levelled to 6star t3 you need I think 24 night vision goggles. so with the current system you can’t level him for 6 weeks, even if we assumed 1 night vision goggles a week in milestone rewards it would still be over 5 weeks. I’m not saying I’m going to quit over it or anything. It’s just annoying. And that’s also assuming you don’t have any other hunters that need levelling.

At 16 energy per stage, I can get through part 1 of the map and 1 stage of elite gear before needing a can. I am sitting at 75 max world energy right now. I don’t complete every map they put out, whether it is gear or side mission stuff, simply from not having the time or resources. Once my world can supply increases, I will feel more free to complete different maps, but I am in a tough situation of either spending to get cans for 1 piece of gear or missing out on the gear I need to not be stagnant. Most of my 5 stars are stuck at this point. All my 6 stars are at max tier 3 because I have hardly any of the gear to upgrade them. Needing 2 million points in a level up to get a wheatstone to progess my 6 stars is ridiculous and becoming impossible to do because my 5 stars are stuck and I cannot use them in a level up. Its a rock and a hard place.


Actually because u have to run the new map everyday it’s open to attempt to get a single piece of gear each day, it makes it more impractical. With the old maps u only had to find time to play it for one day. Now u are having to find time to work on this map multiple times a day and having to play stages u dont even need the gear from. Not only does this make it more time consuming over all, it also drastically takes away from being able to farm for weapons, lilliths, shirts, gloves etc


yeah this new format is horrible, i get it the “look you can get a walkie and bag daily” but it dosent care when i dont have the 6 long coat to bring to T4 a rebel, and imagine that i have 3 rebels at T3-70 and in the other hand i have 67 police shields cuz i dont have toons for them.

And at level 125 it takes 2 extra fills plus natural energy to finish the map, so it will take me 3 weeks to get the gear for those 3 rebels and guess what i will have another 15 more police shields.

please @kalishane make our voice to be listen to those guys that the last format of the ultra gear road map, all us just to farm the gear needed and we will still speending on wolrd cans cuz if i want lets say 40 long coats it will take me 12-13 world cans anyway


I believe it is 18 to t3 him. With a couple milestones that can be 3 weeks. That seems reasonable to me since the old style with no extra walkies or school bags (quite common) was about the same turn around. This was in that same time period I could theoretically t3 6 of them as opposed to one.

And I didn’t factor in free energy, but regardless there is still the issue of needing cans/not having cans

I know exactly what u are saying. No one is debating that it can’t be done with free energy. However it’s impractical to have to run 15 levels of gear map if u are only needing the gear for one or two persona especially when u are only getting one piece of each gear.


Exactly and don’t forget survivors.

They new gear map drops are crap from the gear to survivors.


You should not need any cans to complete it at that level. I just auto farm them.

yeah bro i know that with time it can be done and in 3 weeks doing daily the road map, gear could be get, but some us prefer to spend just one day getting the enough gear in a hour or 2 and forget it for another month or so and dont do those road maps daily

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Short on night vision goggles too, I have half a dozen characters stuck because of lack of gear. The mystery bag count needs upping to balance the non farming aspect and should contain at least 2 or 3 of each item, not singles.

Right, like it wouldn’t be hard to include the gear for 6*s… Even if it isn’t farmable. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna pay for gear, shits ridiculous.

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I hear ya. I think you’d see complaints either way. It we each have our preferences. I have always preferred the guarantee over the rng. This new map is guaranteed (over time) while the old one was rng.