Run out of elite gear


I have just used up the last of my elite gear. Can someone explain how I am supposed to get more? You can’t expect me to farm this new gear map just to get 1 single piece of the gear I need per day?


That’s exactly what is expected of you.

Or maybe you might finally appreciate the pop offers where this gear is sold.

Well a lot of people complained that tournament rewards should not include farmable elite gear (including myself). And Scopely listened to their player base and made this gear non farmable.


Really wish I could laugh at this, but it’s just not funny any more.


I had some mystery bags drop in that roadmap that give elite gear…


Use silver radios.


You’re thinking Rare gear


The calendar still shows a spot for gear roadmaps on Sunday. Shane did say the new one is in addition to other gear maps so we will hopefully get a roadmap this weekend.


We have been told the typical roadmap will still show up from time to time. So use these to collect flak beanie bags walkies. Then when we get the typical roadmap, grind out the persona equipment. This is a win for us as long as they have the typical roadmap in rotation.


I haven’t seen anything from scopely regarding the other maps still showing up. It would be nice if they did but every time someone has asked scope has been mum


Shane did say they would be back, can’t remember how it was worded. It’s in a post and there is a screen shot somewhere