Rumors of a subscription package

Im hearing rumors of a paid subscription package that gives access to p2p players that f2p won’t. Id imagine this would be on top of the 30 day pass that you already offer and all the other pay to play offers and promos. Thank you for being completely dissasociated with the people that actually play this game and continue yet again to turn it into a money grab. We dont want battle mods we dont need a subscription for even more perks. We do want you to fix the existing problems with a perfectly fine game. Having another 9.99 forced down my throat to be competetive on top of the money that i already spend is sickening. If this goes into place i will be quitting the game.

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Was part of a survey to see if players would like it, different from the 30 day pass.

No one is forcing anyone to buy it. It is a choice. Your money = your decison


Yep this game has always been pay to win. Dont expect to win anything without spending

I dont mind spending i do it quite frequently. Its just that if this goes into place there will be even more of a divide between the spending tiers. Its just another money grab

I’d love to have that stuff, but it just shows how much of a cash cow they are.

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The game is boring. The same few events over and over and over again has turned it into a grind. Three of my faction mates have announced they are quitting or taking a break. I expect more to follow.

I completed the survey to see if there was a hint on anything that would bring life back to the game. The only thing I took away was $copely looking for more ways to increase their income, nothing about increasing player experience.

People are going to kill me for this
But of this replaced the monthly pass I’d be fine with it
As so long as the 5* version is ascendble I’m fine that being said can see why people. Are. Frustrated
But scopley is. Scopley
The way to balence this would. Be
10% weapon crafting chance
Pve energy rates increse
Remove the offers but add the 70coins from 30 day. Pass
Sure there still get a roster increase and food regens faster
But it would work as a monthly pass update

Honestly, doesn’t really look like that much. The free epics (if ascendable) is pretty much the only thing that looks good. Looks worthy of 10 bucks a month.

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The 100% energy regen for war and territories is huge. Or did you not see that. And its got a $19.99 price tag on it

You for the r got the daily elite scopley knows I need those Bois
I would love Rose
She has the potential of being the jerimiah of f2p

It’s a survival farming game, of course it’s boring because you need to grind and farm.
If you don’t like it, then you’re masochist for staying here.

I dont agree that war energy change will be huge.
It Might save a few fills since its 6 energy on start and per can, but Noone in top 6 wait for energy anyway, if you are out, you pop a fill.

And territory energy, except for the rare times when there are special territories my energy are always full.

20 bucks seems too high - I play some war games and 5-10 bucks a month seems to sell well to anyone serious about playing. Other items they add are timesavers - for example in TWD it could be auto-farming or any tools that mitigate the boring repetitive tasks that are all over this game.

These war games also have options for high spenders, but do want to cultivate a large population of regular players.

I still think high priority should be on fixing the low activity regions - you need to offer players a working base game before asking for more money.

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Lies they asked for a suggestion of cost I put $7 lol

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Just to be clear, increased war energy REGEN is almost worthless. If you’re in a real fight, you’re popping fills so you never ever regen a single energy. If you’re in the other 95% of the fights, it’s over before you can regen any energy. War energy cap increase, however, is worth paying for if you’re in a competitive faction.

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I’m sure this will be an unpopular post, but I wish they offered subscriptions like this YEARS ago. I would have happily opted for this, over the constant 40-pulls that I used to do … but, back when the game was exciting to me. I don’t think this is a bad offer at all. I do, however, feel like it’s very poor timing, as it’s (possibly) going into effect well after many of the OG players got fed up and quit the game already.

Shouldn’t be a subscription service, this system if implemented should be linked to prestige, this system if implemented would be another slap in the face to old players

Well thx for the photo.This all looks like garbage anyway.Well I mean nothing big stands out.Nothing to worry about moving on