Rumors about Marlon and Frost

It has been confirmed that it will be Marlon and frost being the next free S-Class toons by an admin. The roadmaps are going to be s12 so it should be quite challenging.

What do you guys think?

Moderator edit: this source is not an admin. Speculation.


sounds awesome if true

half baked info spoted in this post


I don’t know seems legit to me.


So only available for peeps with maxed teams lol

How can you claim it’s legit? His name is Neil.

Your information is only one step away from me saying:


Jb taught him well then

Admin Neil? I dont think so


I’ve never heard of a admin Neil who only hangs around in negan chat

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Lmao. Zero chance

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Correction I didn’t say it was legit I said it seems legit

I’D ■■■■■■■ KNEW IT!

Hmmm I wonder if I should go for the melee trait incase of anoher melee gang or frost gang shit. Frost gang or Marlon and rosie gang?

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I believe VK over Neil, I wouldn’t count on this just yet… especially after they just confirmed 3200 for red velvet trade-in won’t be coming back.


Hmm yes I’m happy but what about lower levels, new players, young players etc etc etc

Scopely knew that would of had messed that up.

that no more 3200 collections really sucks a$$

although it just proves how much scopley lies to us with there “we have run out of room for new collections” lol

yeah right with a scrollable screen that is setup to overflow with a new line every time a line gets full

Just saying that some guy called Neil could be a Scopely admin spreading information in a super secret chat.

However his next message could have also been informing you of your recently dead long lost 4th cousin and his huge Nigerian fortune…

Yeah negan is the place to tell people super secret stuff