Rumor has it new mega region


So Rumor says you’re making a region for Whales. if this be truth could we get a region without 6 stars and make it like the old way to get gear and characters and stuff?


It’s a temporary region for the duration of a new event, though, not a permanent whale habitat.


The only real way to get characters at any point in this games life is and always will be extreme luck or $$$$


Whatever they say, this new region will blztabtly he dominated by big spenders. Just like everywhere else. No way would scopely introduce a region where spending was banned.

I’d go to a 5* only région. I’d probably spend more money coz I would be buying something that might actually help me win things, rather than just helping me lose less badly.

I’d even buy new trainers if they stripped some of my ascended 6s back to maxed out 5s.

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