Ruined a good game

Dear Scopely,
This game used to be a well balanced and fun strategy game. You have added waaay too much bs and unbalanced the game. It has also become very much pay to win. You have lost 90% of your player base and dropping.

Please start over. Create an old school 5 server.

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No, where’s the fun in 1 turn 5s teams? Where was the balance back then? There’s unbearable unbalance ATM but whaliest whales are suffering it as much

So wrong, only the whales still play. The game was very well balanced back in the 5 star days. They have added way too much nonsense to the game, and have made it pay to win with the survivors club.

In my opinion you’re wrong. P2W has never been higher now (before PU) than before but the spending habit of players was much higher before 6* toons have started. It was easier for this company to lure people into spending, because most didn’t have a clue how rigged this gambling app actually is. Also it was never a strategy game, always been a gambling app disguised as survival / strategy game. Since the company realized how much money they can make from gullible people who believe RNG works like “luck”, they focused on milking players instead of taking care of the game.

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