Ruby Token Rewards

I have been on an absolute tear during the treasure hunt event. Ive pulled Wayland, Jesse, and Cameron already.

Is it just me or do these rewards seem a little better than usual?

More events with these kinds of rewards would be more than welcome.

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Yes and no.

Personally I will use these toons as level up fodder, have no use for them now. Didn’t get them when they were of help back then. For people who have just started these characters might be of help, but not for long.

What I’ve noticed is, that it gets more difficult to come across of 5* trainers such as Benedict


Ive only gotten crappy trainers.

Best event ever (? I won’t use them that much but they are welcome.

Wait a minute , people are getting toons? Same garbaaaaaj as always for ol Gil Burt’s aplenty

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ridiculously good haul right there

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Yeah it’s look excellent, level up fodder is always welcome

i got two six star doctor stevens
useless garbage

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u are in the right bucket

burts and Brady for me

Got a 6* Cameron and a 5* Cameron, trainers otherwise

Waited for a ten pull. Pretty much proves these toons are redundant now. I never get luck like this.

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Cross your fingers for a future 6 star arena :wink:

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I got 6* Mia and 2 asc mias lol

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