Ruby mine roadmap - a few questions

Hi all,

I’ve heard that the last stage of the Ruby mine roadmap allows you to farm it.

To clarify, the map I am talking about is the one which costs rubies to run and you get 1000 stamps at the end for the wheel.

My question is, is it actually farmable and what kind of stuff can you expect to get from it? If anyone has any info on this it would be much appreciated.


Farm away.


I mean… every stage you do is farmable if you have the energy to do it. But in this case simply running the stage would of told you that its a waste to do it more then once.

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HINT: the 3rd stage of the Emerald Mine Roadmap drops more shiny Emerald surprises!

Emerald Mine is the farmable one, not Ruby Mine.

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Thanks made me chuckle :grin:

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Has anyone done the emerald map, interested to know if the drop rates suck

Really? With this game’s past history you really NEED to know?


@TayTron what’s the surprise :joy:


That is the surprise. They bamboozled you yet again and took your money while doing so.

Ah, classic scipely. :laughing:


Surprisingly nothing :joy::joy::joy:

Probably another 1* with a ice-cream avatar this time

Do you mean Scopely?

No. I’ve been calling them this for years now. :smirk:


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Well I think that’s a funny name.
I’ll refer to them as that from now on.

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