Rubix cube Willie grind

Has anyone worked out the math on getting s class Willie? I tend to not shoot for 2 million on every level up event and that costs me a good chunk of cubes.

Looking for an estimate on how hard I have to grind to make it happen.

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I’m 1k short getting his sclass and already have both 6* leveled up I also only bought 1 offer for 10 dollars for 1k and i didnt even do the math for it tho I have just been trying to get as many as I could

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The Maths for it wasn’t possible at the beginning as there are different missions for cubes released after the previous one has finished and we don’t know in advance what these mission blocks will give.

same but without buying, just lucky in the bags of cubes and im short of 500
and with the free trainers of war (mission and stash) its posible

Bought neither, bags or Offers and left at 3k Cards. With finish the other 2m Milestone of lvl up i would be at 2k Cards left. It’s complete possible to grind the S Class without spend an thing. Just do the lvl up Missions and any where cubes are rewarded


I acknowledge that we don’t know in advance what the rewards are, but after a couple events I was curious if someone took an educated guess at what the rest would look like.

I suspect that by not grinding out every milestone on the level ups I’ll be a little short

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Going by the current trend, we should be able to complete willie + half the whole of stash 1. Assuming all you finish all the event missions for the Rubix. If you have SC you should be able to complete the stash as well

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Yea I didnt have to get 1 offer but there was something in it I wanted other then the cubes but yea deff can get him without spending anything plus some of the stash

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This thread is not what I thought it would be from the title, but then that one would have been shut down long before :rofl:

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Don’t think so. I believe this will be much closer to the Trauma kits - enough to get the toon and a couple of stash pulls, but deffo not complete the stash. If you want to complete the stash, you will not get the S-class for free anymore (not even with SC)

Just for your title you get a massive like… heheheh heheheheheh naughty.

How much grinding do u have to do to get Willie?

It’s a long slow hard grind no matter what LOL

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Well, we’ll see but so far, seems on track.

It kinda sounds like some of y’all have already completed the s class pull. I’m trying to gauge the amount of slack I can leave and still get my 6000 cards.

I just don’t have the trainers or resources to hit 2M on every level up. It may be hopeless for me. Knowing scope those cards won’t be available at all once the event is over.

Maybe in 6 months

I’m grinding for Willie and enjoying it

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I need last 575 cubes. 0 coins or euros spent for them

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You don’t need to, and doing so won’t get you any extra. To max the amounts of cubes from the levelups this week, you need to hit 2.1m once, 1.1m once more, and 500k on the third one (in any order). That’s 3.7m total, a lot less than the 6m; any more will not get you another cube extra. If even that is not possible, go 1.1m twice and 500k once, you will miss about 800 potential cubes, but that should not come close to stopping you from getting your Willie. Thirs best option is 1.1m once and 500k twice, which loses you another 250 cubes, still well on track to get there later in the event.

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I haven’t spent and I got him today.

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