Rualito 1 offer in shop

Are You guys forgot to include bullets to Raulito 1 offer? It’s same as in regular shop offer, 8250 coins and nothin more.

Yes thats right you get the bonus coins in next offer

Its a trap… you won’t even be close to getting Raulito after the 6 offers.

The bonus is, after you spend the first $100 and use those coins to pull on the wheel, you will then be 1/5th of the way closer to obtaining him. Then you can spend another 100, and another. Scopely thanks you.

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It’s like standing in a never-ending queue with no end in sight, you wait for hours then still no hope, but you keep standing like a dumbass cause you wasted so many hours you say to yourself, Ive been standing for so long for nothing!?!? Hell no

That’s how obtaining this toon will be :grimacing: his smile says it all. Gotcha and your wallets haa ha

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