RTS Trivia! Because I Hate Myself


How we doin’, Forums! I decided to take a moment … well, way more than a moment, and build a nice spreadsheet featuring all 160 Legendary Characters. As I was building the sheet out, I found some interesting little tidbits that I’d like to share with the community.

Legendary averages:

  • Attack: 1715
  • Defense: 1510
  • HP: 1757

Averages of the first 5 Legendary characters:

  • Attack: 1695
  • Defense: 1450
  • HP: 1709

Averages of the 5 most recent:

  • Attack: 1899 (+204)
  • Defense: 1703 (+253)
  • HP: 1774 (+65)

5 Highest Attack:

  1. Amber (2287)
  2. Axel (2286)
  3. Michelle (2286)
  4. Donny (2275)
  5. Charlie (2225)

5 Highest Defense:

  1. Pamela (2222)
  2. Mercer (2073)
  3. Dr. Stevens (2048)
  4. Denise (2023)
  5. Douglas (1973)

5 Highest HP:

  1. Sherry (2264)
  2. Zachary (2236)
  3. Beta (2207)
  4. Cole (2157)
  5. Rick All Out War (2150)

Human Shields: 6
Guardians: 7
Command: 6
Decap: 9
Revive: 16

First generation 1 character: Ezekiel Shiva Force
Last generation 1 character: John (#129)

Total number of generation 1 characters: 125

First generation 2 character: Camila (#124)

Legendary character with the most variations: Rick (4)

Well, that’s it for now. If you wanna know something specific or whatever, just hit me up.

Just imagine this

Does this mean a new Aiko will come soon?


I am entirely unsure of how my post drew that conclusion, but yes. If Aiko isn’t released by June 31st, you’ll be due compensation from somebody.


what is legndary john i not see him on tower


8th row down, furthest on the right.


Is there any way to show each characters release date? I’ve always wanted to see a power creep tracker over time.


He was part of the event with roadmaps and could choose him or Maggie for free


I like it, very nice spreadsheet


I can get you the data if you wanna play with it.


I can make a line chart tomorrow when I’m back in front of my computer. Surprisingly, the only significant change came from gen 1 to gen 2. Gen one characters were all between 4800 and 4900ish power, whereas gen 2 is hovering around 5400+. The jump happens after around the 125th character release.


Sad, Axel is supposed to be amazing but his attack stat is 1 lower than a normal 6 star (Amber).

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I’d argue that it’s his specialist skill that makes him amazing.


It was a joke.


My bad.

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very good help with statistics i appreciate it because more you know about how the characters and weapons work the more about the game you know and thats all i have to say thank you for reading


Huh, 3/5 FTP. Wouldn’t have guessed. That’s cool.


So given that John was after Camila I take it you’re differentiating between gens by stats rather than release dates? Is John the only post-Camila gen 1 then?

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Yes she’s going to be Green now


maggie was release at the same time


John and Maggie were released concurrently.


I know, but if it’s stat-based rather than release date based that doesn’t matter