RTS Needs This/These Update

Scopely, why don’t you make an update which has a New Option “Test Defence” which should take you to another place where you can test your defense but the attacking team will be a team made up with a roster of all the characters you have released (you need to update all characters when you release new characters into the game). And try to make this option which can adjust the Andrelain Rush level and Active level. And we can adjust all mods with the characters (each mod should be there five times like duplicate, with a search option). I know this is a lot to work with so just include this in your updates (especially with the daily updating of characters and with so many mods). Of course, everybody knows in what way this will help us with these S Class characters.

  • We need this update
  • We don’t need this update

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I think it’s a cool idea but not essential

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