RTS isn't fun anymore

God, I’ve stuck through so many low points in this game’s career, but honestly I don’t know if I can get through this one. It’s miserable, there’s nothing worthwhile in the game anymore, it’s boring.


Try something new in real life…should help…Rts is just keeping ya back.Also you should get religion.I recommend you start believing in kenny


Yeah it’s pointless to play

no, it still fun depend on how you play it

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CSR racing 2 is a fun game, you should try it out

Feel like am just playing out of habit now am really bored of it


You aren’t happy playing the game. Move on. Sorted.


I’ve stopped playing altogether, not interested in 3-9 months of grinding per character just to wait for them to reset again.


I tried to play the new Saint Seiya game (similar to RTS) but it’s not even good like our game. Except all the bad things RTS is a absolutely great game far way better than similar ones, too bad Scopely ruined

It’s sad too. I was pretty hyped about getting good pulls and good characters coming to f2p… All for it to go worthless


Theres no reason to stick around tbh. All these bs promises and second chances don’t mean shit. Scopely will never change and this interview just reaffirms that.


I have some p2p friends and even for them the game is ruined and boring. The game reach a point that even if you spend money you can’t have a good time for real.

I agree and not for it. Agree road to survival is boring enough and i sometimes through for it but i love this game for development really invention for their event trus me you will be back someday. Keep you town . You just need fresh thing else out there.

I mean I knew plenty who put in thousands before six stars, then thousands for six stars . So for a game to continue to make peoples money input worthless, I can’t see any reason to bother.

It’s a fun game, but tbh I’d only come back if s class 7 stars were gone… and scopes won’t lose their new golden egg

Yeah, S class really make a gap each player in this game. But free s class not bad. This chara really helpfull i think

I am still enjoying Derain parts of the game such as the road map stories, draft and old school arenas and hordes which I am quite exited about

The game is still fun as long as you reprogram yourself to think differently about it.

  1. Know you will not get anything and if by some mistake you do get something take it as a win.
  2. Don’t spend money or waste time with tapjoy, buying things in game you’ll always be shorted something.
  3. Don’t expect to win cards are stacked against you, not only verse the lucky accounts but the employee\bots.
  4. Little things thought as big things make it all better. With raids take winning 1 out of 6 wins a victory. When that gets even harder take killing 1 character in the rain as a super win. With war take surviving to attack twice as a win.
  5. Know you’re costing them money playing. Nothing more exciting then knowing that.

It’s been boring for ages for me, so welcome to the club. We have popcorn to watch the drama, big comfy chairs to sit our butts in and an endless supply of booze.

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In the military you learn to love, live, succeed in the suck.
Even when it’s done and over you miss it in that weird strange way.

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